Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Nothing better than a run on the beach!  Sparkling ocean, tweeting sandpipers. that soft summer ocean breeze, hot burning sun- it's summer! Life doesn't get any better!                                         

Photo credit by Weston Acupuncturist

Get your Vitamin D the easy way, go for a run!!  There are a few creature comforts that I bring along to optimize my workout during that run, and I'll share these with you.  First off, get a well fitted pair of sneakers.  I really enjoy the comfort and light weight of the PUMA Complete Vectana III,                   
These sneakers never disappoint and the mesh quality allows for breathability, so your feet move and grip the ground for a better run! I got these last spring and they are as good as ever!

I also like to wear NIKE Dri-FIT Cushioned No-Show Running Socks, NON - Med, they are thin in arch and lightly padded in the heel and toe to offset added pressure on your feet to give you that push and propelled motion forward we as runners love so much.  

The right socks do make a huge difference, and these I will definitely return to.

Next, of course, is skincare. Everyone knows by now that too much sun is deadly, but a little bit IS heavenly, so get outside and enjoy that sunshine!

I really like Clarins, I have been using this brand for over 25 years now, I can't believe it's been that long :) I remember when the brand first came to the United States, it was so exotic, a true French line, that had a different offering from the same stuff over here.  No Internet then, but I knew from their concern of female physiology that this was a special product line. 

Firstly, every once in a while I use the Clarins Gentle Peel, Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream - 50Ml/1.7oz  to exfoliate the face, which primes for a smooth palette to apply later products:

 Next, I really enjoy the Multi- Protection Day Screen by  Clarins:

 I have returned to this product over the years for its sunscreen capability, its light feel and non comedogenic quality, no one needs a break out in the summertime! And the bottle size will last the entire season, so take the plunge and try this, Clarins has great specials, too, so you can try their other product lines, such fun!! 

Here's a top favorite of mine, who needs a tan? Try Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel

Dries fast, no smell, good color that lasts more than just a few days!

Clarins self tanning instant gel
One more thing, so important, too!  I take along my Apple Ipod Nano somehow I run faster to the beat of a good tune, you can too!  

Check out the latest nano designI have it in blue to match the sky and the ocean, a gift from my girls!


There is so much to write about on the topic of outdoor summer activity, I will return to this subject again, meanwhile you can go to my SUMMER SUNSCREENS Page here too for more posts on summer body care :) 

Also, see my page on SUMMER BEAUTY PRODUCTS,  keeping your choices simple yet effective with beauty in mind!!

For a good run on the beach or any favorite spot of yours, all you really need is a good pair of running sneakers, socks, some quality suncare and great tunes.  I have given you the basics, now get out there and run!!☀

p.s. take a sliced apple with you, it hydrates, gives needed carbs, and is lighter to carry than extra water!

Afterwards, try H2O+ shampoo, perfect for the beach!!
 Bestseller: Sea Marine Revitalizing Shampoo

At H2O Plus it is our priority to develop, manufacture, market and distribute technologically advanced, performance driven, water-based skin care products to contemporary consumers worldwide. 

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