Friday, June 10, 2016


Traditional birthstone for June is the Pearl. June brides adore the pearl, and so will you once you learn about the pearl's special attributes! Contemplate and cherish this Old Poem on the pearl~

"Who comes with summer to this earth 
And owes to June her hour of birth
 A pearl should wear against her skin
 Who's innocence many a heart shall win."

I simply love pearls. 

They can make any day brighter, and pearl earrings will certainly brighten the eyes, try it and see! The pearl represents purity and beauty, every bride should at least wear this jewel from the sea on her special day.
South Sea cultured pearl earrings in diamonds and 18K white gold at Blue Nile 4,500 USD
Pearls as we know do come in different shades, this exotic South Sea pearl shown above has an opalescence to its overall sheen.

Pearls are the only form of fine jewelry that come from the sea, they are slowly cultured over time in the mollusk shell.  You can also find them in shallow streams and creeks in certain areas of the United States as the Chesapeake Bay.

'The world is your oyster!'
The Japanese Akoya cultured pearl
photo courtesy of DawnRose Pearls 
 Click and read more at this great website for the birth of a pearl.

The Akoya culturalization process has been assumed by patent and extended further by Kokichi Mikimoto, known famously for the most beautiful cultured pearls in the world. 

Click here for the Mikimoto grading system for pearls.  

Tiffany Aria
And of course, Tiffany pearls, so gorgeous!

This is the Tiffany Aria Bracelet, round cultured pearls with triad diamonds set in platinum. Something new for the June bride. 7" long. 15,000 USD.

And also remember the Moonstone, June's other traditional birthstone (besides alexandrite too!), actually found on 60% of the entire planet Earth's crust.  Be mysterious in moonstone~
Gray Moonstone and White Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver at Blue Nile 145 USD

Recommended summer reading:

John Steinbeck's THE PEARL~

at Amazon, a Classic
I read this story as a young girl, and it has stayed with me. 'Watch out what you wish for,' and see what happens to pearl diver Kino; all is not as it seems....

 Enjoy dear Readers, keep perspective, and the pearl, such magnificence in all its glory, a wondrous jewel of the sea!

Happy birthday, June Babies! 

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