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Welcome to Wimbledon!  We wait all year for this, and here we are!  Is Rufus the hawk presiding? How much rain will fall? Expect the unexpected, such is the glamour and wonder of the Slams.
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This match on Day 3 is wildly anticipated, who will win? The upstart lefty world ranked 772 Marcus Willis of Great Britain, or 7 time champion of Centre Court, world ranked number 3, Roger Federer of Switzerland?

They will play under the roof due to customary rain this 'side of the pond,' and Marcus Willis has a fun story~ he was coaching just a few months ago, had his bags packed for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA to teach, and a girl who he met convinced him to try out in the qualifiers at Wimbledon. The lefty listened, and the rest is history.  His early Wimbledon earnings of $64,000 having won his first round match, can now pay off his credit cards, so he says, and now he can get down to business. 

And Roger, lovely Roger. He has switched coaches from Stefan Edberg who brought him to net for solid serves and volley transitions, to Ivan Ljubicic, who was a hitting buddy with Novak Djokovic in Monte Carlo.  

Here we go~


Federer opens serve. Roger loves to start serve at the onset of the set. Federer holds. 1-0.

Willis serves. 0-15. 15-15, the lefty slice serve is a help on the AD court.  Get some free points early, brad Gilbert commentates. Marcus Willis reminds me of actor Russell Crow in Gladiator.  We shall see... Deuce now.  Break point now.  Lefties love to serve wide on the AD then come in and volley the ball for a winner to the Deuce court. Easy. Deuce. AD Federer now. Ugh! Ace! Deuce! Already exciting with  a lefty on court :) AD Federer again.  No airy shots, Federer responded with a down the line winner. Okay, game Federer.

Federer serves at 2-0.  15-0.  Really fun tennis here. 40-15.  Amazing what comes out of Federer when he needs it.  You really have to practice everything.Deuce, now AD Federer.  Game Federer, 3-0.

Willis serves, 30-0. A good position to be in, uh-oh, a mini choke, 30-15. 30-30 now. Fault.  An error into the net. Break point now.  Deuce! A chance!  Some diddly at the net, now AD Federer. Roger knows how to move on the court, he knows each square inch, placing a ball behind Willis, game Federer.

Federer serves at 4-0.  No one likes bagels, the 0 in tennis.  30-15 now.  Getting a point here and there is not enough in tennis. You must engage, you must win the big points. Roger closes with an overhead backhand smash, 5-0 now.

Willis serves. An ace!  30-15, off an error of Roger's in the alley.  30-30 now. Willis really has Roger running. 40-30. Okay, big point here. Ugh! A forehand up the line goes wide. Deuce.  AD Federer, set point.  Ace! Hit very sharply to the AD court, nice!  Deuce, a serve and volley and dumps in the net. Set point again. Fault. Nerves.  The same Forehand wide to the opposite alley, too bad, set to Federer!

Federer has not let Willis into this match at all, says Chrissy Evert. Roger is moving well, is greatly focused so the court is his and his alone.


 Okay,  this is a tough set for Willis, Roger is loose and Willis is just playing. A chance, wow, Roger has fabulous overheads!  40-30, Willis serving, yay! The crowd is on its feet! Willis wins his first game against Federer. 1-0 now!

Federer serves. 0-30, an opportunity!  15-30 now, Roger is not going to let Willis get more of a gain than that! 30-30 now.  Respectful clapping, game Federer now, 1-1. 

Okay, Willis serves now.  A 40-0 lead! Marcus may be having trouble with his left shoulder, a trainer works on him during the break. Okay, an over rule on a shot, wow! Game Willis! 2-2 now.

Roger Federer serves. Fabulous serves.  Hold serve and find a few breaks, this is how Federer can win.  40-30.  Fault, game Federer, these are short points.  3-2.

Willis serves, deuce now. Marcus is trying for too much, he needs to slow things down. This is very hard for the lefty, we get so excited!  Deuce again. Willis's serves are strong, use them.  AD Willis now!  Roger is just too good. He has closing slices with great footwork to get on the ball.  AD Federer. Roger is loose and doing amazing shots.  Okay, game Roger.

Roger serves, 40-0. Quick points here. Let's get this over with! Game Federer, 5-2 in the blink of an eye.

Willis has quick serves Roger struggles with and picks up another game. This is what you need to do when playing an advanced opponent. Willis takes another game! 3-5.

Federer serves.  40-0. No sweat for Roger. Game Federer, 6-3.

 SET 3

Willis opens to serve, now at 40-30. Willis misses the flick volley, oh well.  Deuce.  Roger has hit many backhand smashes bit Marcus wins the point.  Willis takes the game! 1-0.

Federer is serving.  Very quick game. 1-1 now.

Willis serves.  Great serves, but clearly not enough.  Not against a top player.  Willis is loosening up, okay! Another game! 2-1 now.

Federer serves, 30-30 now.  Willis waits for the shot, no good, you have to go after it.   Roger is all business says Commentator Brad Gilbert.  It sounds obvious, but think about it, as a champion, you do not want to give away teh store, hang in there, be tough, and win those games, period. 2-2 now.

Willis serves, at 30-0.  More easy early game leads in this third set. A double fault. Too over zealous, uh-oh, they replay the point. A bad call from the umpire. It happens.  Okay, an ace!  Wow, a volley to center court and Willis holds his game. 3-2.

Federer serves now. He needs to hold. He will.  30-40, not so easy. A relaxed overhead by Roger, deuce here. Great footwork, AD Federer, now an ace! Game Federer. 3-3.

Willis serves.  15-0. He has Roger scrambling.  30-0. 40-0. Nice.  He corners Roger on the backhand side then Willis shoots a winner to Federer's deep forehand. Very nice. 4-3.

Federer serves.  40-0 now. Boom, boom ,boom.  40-15.  Willis returns deep and wide in the alley, clearly a serve to his backhand. 4-4 now.

Willis serves.  0-15. Roger really wants this now.  Fabulous volley from the wide alley from Roger. 0-30. Run run run!  0-40 now. get the job done.  Fault. of course, a minor choke here.  A double fault, more choking, game goes to Federer, 4-5. 

Federer serves for the match. 0-15, now Roger returns a high lob for 15-15. No sweat.  Ugh! 15-30! Even champions can get tight. Ace! 30-30.  Wow, Roger moves so well at the net. 40-30. Willis hits long, match to Roger Federer!

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 Marcus Willis you played great!  And you sign autographs without a hook, very nice indeed!  Your parents must be so proud, good for you!  You have had a taste of the world stage, it will always be with you, enjoy!

And Roger Federer, congratulations!  You have sustained your match play thus far, overcoming a knee injury, a back injury, do not get old on us yet!!! 

Our commentators say the draw is in Roger's favor, stay well and maybe, yes maybe, another grand Slam under your belt to perhaps get to 18? Roger already has made history with 17 grand slam wins, only time will tell the rest of the story. 

Stay tuned..... 

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