Wednesday, June 6, 2012


updated August 24, 2013

Let's discuss summer beauty products especially while outdoors on a hot summer's day.  A favorite topic of mine, and worth noting!  

Afterall, many studies have shown that with us girls, we gain confidence if we are comfortable with ourselves, including our looks.  Naturally, there will be something that needs work and maybe will never be resolved, such is life, but that something keeps us humble possibly?  

Okay, here we go, buckle up and set sail with these beauty recommendations~

Show the world your biggest smile and try bareMinerals READY Foundation for overall radiant color~

Glow for the Bronze Kit at Sephora
Price: 39.00 (a 70.00 value)
An Allure award winner!

Our model here LOVES this bareMinerals compact, it goes anywhere You really only need to spread evenly and quickly, and you have instant color that lasts for hours!! 

Or, off court you may like Lancome Renergie Lift Makeup with SPF 20, it is formulated for Normal to Dry skin, very smooth and lovely! 

Try a tiny touch of any light pink blush, not just for the blushing bride :)

You can find RENERGIE LIFT MAKEUP at Lord & Taylor~ 

Makeup For Lost Time. Smoother, Younger-Looking-Instantly. [More]
Price: 45.00

For mascara, in the summer I really like NARS Larger than Life Volumizing Mascara~

NARS Volumizing Mascara
Price: 25.00

 On the tennis court, I use Black. This beauty product goes on smoothly, does not clump or flake, and lasts all day.  A winner in my book!  

For sunscreen, I continuously return to Clarins Ecran Multi-Protection 40spf for face at Sephora.  It goes on lightly, not sticky, absorbs well, and I can go through 3 sets of tough tennis without re-applying, no running in the eyes~

Multi Protection Screen at Sephora
Price: 25.00

I may get a bit of sun color from it due to some sweating off, but that is realistic due to the nature of extreme activity on the court! See my SUMMER SUNSCREENS Page here for more information!

If you have extra product on your fingertips after application to your face, don't waste it, instead, apply that extra to the top of your hands, very vulnerable spot for sun damage and one that we so aptly forget.

Creme Jeunesse at Clarins
Price: 30.00

I really like the Clarins products for hands, they dry quickly and have  a light pearl sheen to deflect light and fade any age spots (who needs them?). GREAT for your nails, an all in one!

And that is it for face and hands.  

Definitely use sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection, especially on tip of nose and tips of ears and on your neck.  And be sure to get outside, the Vitamin D you derive from the sun helps strengthen your immune system, decreases tendency for depression, and helps boost calcium metabolism. 

Clarins products are ALL plant based and long lasting!

Do you have any special summer products you'd like to share? Send along a comment! 

And all the while, remember to stand tall, be mentally tough in all you do, and give the world a smile! ♡


  1. Wow great ideas!! Another favorite of mine is San tropez self tanner. I don't use the MIT though because it tends to soak in too much of the product.

  2. Great suggestion! Self tanners give us that summer look without the UVA/UVB damage. Be sure to use your sunscreen too!