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Welcome to the Oscars 2015! I must say I am truly excited for this presentation.  For once in a long time I have seen a few of these films up for the big prize, and quite wonder how there can be any winner with these fabulous films. Bravo Hollywood for quality!

The Films~

I saw the Imitation Game most recently, and am in such awe of the resilience and beauty of intelligence and goodness in the resolution of World War II. Also in the midst of reading Eisenhower at War, there is reference there to first computer the 'Turing Machine' which cracked the code of German war machine Enigma. Imitation Game is up for 8 academy awards, bravo! Superb acting, perfect storyline. And Keira Knightley's talent is such a tribute to women, great role, so well done.This true story will stay with me forever. Thank you.

Over the holidays The Theory of Everything was a huge favorite.  What incredible acting, Eddie Redmayne plays a phenomenal Stephen Hawking. This film resonates also. You experience the beauty of the mind, and the ensuing struggle between expression versus physical necessity. Theory is up for 5 academy awards, Eddie you are so endearing, you are my favorite, best of luck! You make Stephen and his entire family so proud!

The third film I saw, if perhaps not quite a bootleg version obtained from my NYC cohorts, is of course Birdman, subtitled the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance. With scenes filmed in one take, what an absolutely great rendering on the seedy life of tacky Broadway, and the troubles of an aging actor wrestling with the vagaries of the human condition. Birdman is the perfect juxtaposition of magic versus reality, such that the segues between both worlds blend and abrupt so well, the portrayal of high concept is at its finest. Looking at seven nominations!

And, a film that I have seen three times, and would see again and again is The Grand Budapest Hotel. I think about this film a lot, and actually saw it from a Red Box rental at the super market! What a surprise!  Terrific film, I simply adore the main character Ralph Fiennes as Monsieur Gustave, and, sometimes, I find myself saying things that he could very well say. My my we have so much in common, clap, clap! Watch for 9 academy award nominations, definitely gets my number one for editing!

The Fashion~

Okay, the fashions on the cat walk, excuse me, the red carpet!  Definitely tasteful and expensive looking, the women wear them well, I am impressed!  All in all an intelligent crowd here. Each year gets better.

Drum roll please (spoiler too), Julianne Moore, Still Alice, we ♥ you!

Julianne Moore, best actress Congratulations!

Here is lovely Marion Cotillard, best actress nominee for Two Days, One Night ~

Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Also, Emma Stone, so sweet and gorgeous, voted best dressed by PopSugar, best supporting actress nominee for Birdman ~

Getty Images
AND lovely Reese Witherspoon, best actress nominee for Wild ~

Getty Image
How about Felicity Jones? She is wearing an Alexander McQueen silver ball gown, my personal favorite gown for the evening, Nominee for best actress, The Theory of Everything

Getty Images

The Top Results! ~

Birdman, best picture, best director + 2 more

Still Alice, Julianne Moore, best actress

The Theory of Everything, Eddie Redmayne best actor

Imitation Game, best adapted screenplay

The Grand Budapest Hotel, four technical awardsbest original score, makeup, set design + 1 more, ties with Birdman for greatest awards won

For ALL the results, click here for the Oscars link!

p.s. since I could not attend this year, I shall attempt to follow a quote from founding father Benjamin Franklin~

"Either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing."

Benjamin Franklin at the University of Pennsylvania



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