Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Isn't March maddening? Ever hear the quote, "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb?" Ever since I was a little girl, every March, yes, my mother would say that phrase.

So true, too!  Why is that? I certainly can agree, on multiple levels.  For one. March is still very cold here in the upper hemisphere of planet Earth. You would think spring is on its way? Not with consistently below freezing temperatures.  And the little birds in the early morning hours, they are chirping, if ever so softly.  But yet, they are there!  But yet so cold still! A winter blizzard! The confusion of March, hence March madness.

The roaring lion of March 2015
Another maddening attribute of March is its position in the calendar.  Psychologically, we want spring. Enough of winter.  We have had winter now since November, since the early frost says good-bye to cooling summer. March is a tease, it promises spring, but does not deliver (except of course for the confused little birds!). We have been into winter for a good three  months now, yet March tells us it is over, spring is "just around the corner." Is it?

Spring USTA tennis groups are forming, that in itself is madness too!  You have to get yourself out there to be asked on a team, or know how to sign up for one.  The shifting, the posturing, the wondering, it gets quite confusing!  But not totally, to be asked on a team consistency is key, and from Shakespeare, "To thine own self be true."  Be realistic with your goals, and if thing work out, that's great! Otherwise, learn from the sign-up madness and be ready for next season.

And then of course in America there is the college basketball round robin championship entitled, you guessed it, March Madness. These games and playoffs are the greatest.  They show the best of the best, teams training all year to bring their college to basketball glory.

In my own college years, I would try to force an early spring. No need for a jacket, it was March! Winter was over! Not so fast, I would freeze outside so quickly with arms crossed and teeth chattering,  I'd seek refuge in a warm building, then happy at last not to have to manage a coat. I was free! Like a summer's breeze! Spring must be on its way somehow, I did not bring a jacket or coat, that must mean something.

Back home and scrolling back in time some more, I discovered early on there was more about the weather patterns, not only the temperature.  

Me to my mom: Why does March comes in "like a lion?"

My mom to me: Because of the weather.  Many snow storms are known to come through during March. It is the last remnant of winter.

Me:  And, "out like a lamb?" I could probably guess this last response :)

My mom to me:  Because by the time March 31st comes around, the winter storms are over.  The air and ground are warmer. BUT, we can expect "April showers bring May flowers."

Ah, spring! Where are you?

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