Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Yes, today I officially started spring cleaning!  I am enthralled with total wellness company Nikken, and am getting ready for the sleep system. Yes, it is a plunge into a new way to sleep, a new way to greet the day! Let me tell you how I got to that beautiful place of preparedness, not quite so easy.

Spring is a time of newness, and what better way than to get rid of the old and ring in the new!  You do not have to go spending, or shopping per se, but it is nice to get a few key pieces so that your every day becomes extraordinary. 

How to do this, you say?  Really take a good look at your living quarters, and decide how to best optimize your space. I did over some closets last week using baskets that I already had, and spruced up the space some more with a few extras at Pottery Barn. 

You will be amazed at what you can do.  Whether closets or under the bed space, just by virtue of totally cleaning out, and reorganizing, yes, some throwing out too, you can live with beauty, each day. Get to know your space.  And try not to just stack stuff and be done with it.

 Use the open space, create nooks and crannies, little pathways for the eye to appreciate the moment when the door opens and behold!  Beauty before your eyes.

It is not easy to get to that final point.  In fact, your first few steps can be daunting! Will things fit?  Will my efforts be worthwhile? Have faith and a little fortitude, it is a workout to be on your feet for a few hours, leaning, lunging, twisting to clean that tiny corner, spring cleaning is not for the faint at heart!

Here is a closer look at the Nikken sleep system~

at Nikken, the total sleep system
I got rid of the dust bunnies, the total space is empty underneath this newly cleaned out area, getting ready to set up the sleep system. I found a lost pair of shoes, too!

The idea here is total wellness, and to present a new system in your room, whatever it may be, you had better have a clean area first!  Then, when the newness arrives, you will really be ready for change and beauty.

Spring brings us beauty and the promise of rebirth. Give yourself and your loved ones a new way to look at things, a different perspective on a standard theme. YOu CAN create beauty from the ho hum mundane, one step at a time.

Then, build on it, be grand!

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