Monday, March 16, 2015


I am so excited for spring tennis!  But once a year does this glorious time appear, and we are just about there, get set! 

June 1935, at Shawnee, my aunt facing us on our left
This morning the birds are tweeting, the geese are flying, even the first sign of spring flowers the little snow drops are popping up from winter's slumber!

snow drops- early sign of spring!
Each year at this time, I have discovered I have a new, improved mindset for spring tennis.  When I first started in USTA, I was quite cavalier, spring tennis? Sure, no problem, call me anytime to sub. Then, I get the call. Can you play? Oh no, so sorry, I have other plans...

The next year, I get on a team. Tennis singles, because no one wants to play singles. Except the hard core players who want to rise in the ratings.  Uh oh. Here we go, not so easy! This is definitely going to be tough.

I have played a lot of matches since then, singles and doubles, and have come to determine that your mind has to be settled and balanced to step out on a tennis court and compete effectively. Especially in today's arena.  I learned (the hard way) that most USTA players play all year long.  Little did I know regarding that six years ago. 

My rating even went down for a season! No more shall I take this wonderful sport for granted, not that I totally did, I just did not have the proper training, footwork, proper eye contact with the ball. So, I invested time and savings into clinics and lessons to get my head back on straight. And I am so glad I did.

I am also so glad I worked my way back up in the ratings, one match at a time. 

Some friends said for me to contest a lower status, it is "not you." Yes, temptation struck, but I swallowed my pride, and curiosity got the best of me, maybe I should see if I am a certain kind of player. Who knows? There are many types of players, maybe I am going down, getting older, who cares ... :)

I see so much hubris out there on the court, at any level, and by climbing my way back into my "proper" level, I know what it is like to lose, and even better I know what it is like to win. A lot. Match after match after match. Wow! 

In USTA singles I discovered you have to hang in there and win the first set, find a way! 

Next set, take the ball each time from the service line, psyche out your opponent, and in 15 minutes you can take the second set and win the match. 

Bam! You have done it!  

And, please, get rid of the hubris, take nothing for granted, play each point to your fullest, and most importantly know that you could easily play an opponent just like yourself. 

Watch out!

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