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Every woman can be beautiful- Estee Lauder 

Note~ The content herein for Re-Nutriv and treatments are current, but for 2013 specials/promotions please see ESTEE LAUDER CHRISTMAS 2013, and enjoy!

Okay, as for last year~

great offer here~

Find neutral tones with triad shades of purple, green and gold, also pinks, heathers and blues and silver too! Lots of fun brushes, mascara and eye makeup remover, too!!


At Bloomingdales for $58.50

ALSO, the Michael Kors clutch in scintilating SILVER!!
$38.50 with any fragrance purchase!
THIS is a really pretty clutch~
big enough to carry your phone, small enough for one hand!!
$38.50 at EL with any purchase
Sorry, this special is all sold out, too, hopefully more will come in :)

In honor of women and families affected by breast cancer, the Lauder Family brings awareness to this disease and the fight for a cure with this lovely bag presented by the Evelyn Lauder Dream Lip Collection:

Donations by Estee Lauder of 20% of the suggested retail price $29.50 will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.
Please see posting BREAST CANCER MONTH 2012 for more wellness data and what YOU can do right now to raise your own awareness and beauty regime.

Okay, here's the beauty treatment~

While shopping for Estee Lauder fragrances, you may ALSO want to try:

The Re-Nutriv line is luxurious, try this as it is perfect for the upcoming dryer months for taken care of faces!  Try it at Nordstrom, carries the entire line.

I am currently using the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age Correcting Cream, together with Ultimate Lift Age Correcting eye cream. They both apply evenly with some light texture for tightening, and the eye cream is fine for my VERY sensitive eyes.  Thank goodness, an eye cream that I can use! A little bit goes a long way.

Some nostalgia: the Re-Nutriv line reminds me of the Ultima II line that I represented in 1979! Today, Ultima II can still be found in China and Hong Kong. The Re-Nutriv quality is rewarding and trustworthy. I feel like I am doing the right thing for myself when applying it, and the benefits stay with me all day. The gold and silver packaging is also similar to Ultima II, fit for a queen!

I use frequently~

Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Eye and Advanced Night Repair:   

The Night Repair Eye can actually be used evening or day.  My eyes are extremely sensitive, so I use a tiny bit around the entire eye area during the day.  It absorbs quickly, and if you want to use a concealer that is fine, there is no clumping or discoloring. It creates a thin shield to protect and nourish throughout the day, I love it!

Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery

The Advanced Night Repair Recovery is a product I have used at night for over twenty years, and I keep returning to it as it applies so cleanly, almost like a serum. No breakouts, and it tightens and smooths preparing skin for the next day.  I am not a big night cream fan, so this is a winner in my book!
Here's  Both Night Repair Eye and Night Repair Link for these skincare products at Macys.

Here's the link at Bloomingdales  for the Night Repair.

I use both of these skin products consistently, and will definitely buy them again for myself.  If you can, it is good to try a sample first to test any sensitivity to the product, or get one in a special, as here today. The bottle sizes for both are very good and last about six months for me. Be sure to store in a cabinet for best shelf life. 

Check out this double toned mascara! How many times have I used brown on lower lashes for a softened look, then added black to the upper lashes?? 

FINALLY an all in one mascara!

two tone mascara brown/black blue/black at Macys
the link at Bloomingdales

And, NAIL COLOR!! I simply love this stuff, hope you find something!

Check out these nail shades, right now I am wearing Estee Lauder Vivid Shine Collection Dressed to Kill, a red shade with deep brown tones, perfect for late September and beyond.

Dressed to Kill Link at Macys, and at Bloomingdales, here's the Collection:

Photo credit by

You may want to see my post NAIL COLOR TRENDS  2012, you will have a lot to look at  and consider for your nail selections!

Stay well and stand tall, you have earned it!! 

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