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UPDATED March 8, 2015

Hi!! I simply must write about skincare, especially LIPS! on and off the tennis court, with a few suggestions besides. 

Firstly, go beyond your sun-kissed lips and do some basic healthcare.  Floss every day, does not matter what time of day, really! Just floss, no excuses. I usually floss in the morning after breakfast. Here is the science behind the GLO Brilliant teeth whiteners from Sephora, leave it to the French to sell whitener in a beauty store, I love it!!

 For a beautiful smile, you have to have proper oral hygiene! Keep these paraben free GLOs in your purse for a handy white smile, right when you need it!!

EveryDay GLO 25.00 at Sephora

So, let us assume you have your pearly whites under control, and let's get to more fun stuff!  

There are some really gorgeous lip treatments and colors out there, so where to begin? Once a week exfoliate your lips!

* any gentle grains will do, you could even try fine sea salt, or a tiny bit of any exfoliating creams you have. Rinse and pat dry, preparing for the next step.  

To have lasting lip color, and optimum POP, you need TWO shades of highlighter/concealer, one light and one medium shade, or each one a shade darker for darker complexions. 

The technique~

* outline the lips, lighter highlight on top bow shape of the upper lip, then the slightly darker shade highlight for underneath the lower lip. This darker shade creates a total blend with your chin area, natural is key!!
➸You can even create a new lip design of your upper lip with some practice- cupid bow, full and luscious, thin and smart!
A great highlighter is the Touche Eclat by YSL! 

Touche Eclat 45.00 at Sephora
Another is the Christian Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen, I use BOTH!!  

Skinflash Radiance Pen 37.00 at Sephora
Note well~The added function of the highlighter is crucial- it prevents your lip color from running, even the best lipsticks will run from time to time, so invest in a highlighter, you can use it around the eyes too! 

Before you apply any lip color, a really great product is Elizabeth Arden Advanced Lip Fix you can find at Macys. This product helps smooth lips, and keeps lip color lasting for hours. Really. 
Elizabeth Arden at Macys 21.50 Advanced Lip Fix
For a natural look, you may want a little extra shine, so apply a very gentle dot of gloss on top and bottom lip. I like the Laura Mercier line of glosses, they apply smooth and not too thick.

Lip liner is great for added color, use your discretion, and experiment!

Et voila! You've got great lips! 

And for the tennis court?  I really like a lip balm with SPF 25, I trust Jack Black Intense Therapy, love the Black Tea flavor.

Jack Black 7.50 at Sephora!      

Check out these links, and pucker up those lips! 

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