Monday, August 6, 2012


All around congratulations to the tennis athletes at our London 2012 Olympics!  First, the ladies. Serena, you rock us proud, you have brought a whole new level of challenge to the game and sport of tennis. That's an Olympian, effecting change in an otherwise stalwart venue. You push, you evolve and pole vault over the mundane, the predictable to create your own signature, bravo Singles Gold Medalist! And your sisterhood with Venus, your parents must be so proud, Doubles Gold!  

Now for the men.  Ah, Roger Federer, and new nemesis Andy Murray.  Andy, Andy, Andy. You personify exactly what my blog is about: reaching that breakthrough with hard work and determination. You have experienced the most coveted of breakthroughs, the carrot in every athlete's repertoire to self improvement.  And you have done it, BIG time!!  For all the world to witness as well, talk about grace under pressure, wow!  You thoroughly deserve this glory in the sun with your Olympic Gold medal, enjoy the moment, you have earned it.  You are running on a wave, but took the silver from Mixed Doubles with  Azarenka and Mirnyi taking the gold here.  So what, you have defeated Roger, the Greatest of all Time, but watch out for the US Open, right around the corner!  

Here's a link about the match with Roger, I think it's a good summary.  

And, CONGRATS to the Bryan Brothers for winning Men's Doubles!  You have stayed consistently in your sport and it has rewarded you, click here for total tennis results

Enjoy, never a dull moment!! ✈

                        Roger's racket                                 Andy's racket

And, those wristbands are not just for show!  Take a good look at Roger, he wears one only on his right side, for wrist support besides soaking up sweat from the court.  I find them incredibly useful

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