Thursday, August 2, 2012


Can't get away from the men's swimming!  Are Michael and Ryan rivals, or is it media hype? Hard to tell, only these two swimmers know for sure, but I'd say they are friends.  

Photo Credit by Andrew P. Scott, USA TODAY Sports
Competition is good, and on a certain level they definitely respect one another as athletes, but to compete even better a little rivalry is good. As teammates they see each other often, they travel together, we don't get to be there to experience their every day routine, the moments they share.  How could they be rivals?  Sounds silly, really. 

But... they are competitors, no?  Each wants the gold as much as the other, it is hard work out there, this is not just another evening of prime time entertainment. These athletes have spent their lives preparing for this moment, four years is a long time to wait for the next round, there's no choice in the matter but to focus on themselves and give their best NOW. The Fab Five have a tight knit group, competitors and friends alike. The girls have accomplished both headsets. 

I think in the final analysis, Michael and Ryan are friends, it'd be too much tension to be true rivals, quite simply too much distraction from focusing on the goal of gold and swimming their best. Congrats to Phelps today, a three-pete of gold earned today, and kudos to Lochte a silver. 

Love those smiles  :)  :) 

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