Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Congratulations Jordyn, Aly, McKayla, Kyla, and Gabby, the Golden Girls of Team USA!!  Your solid performance has been rewarded, you are five Fabulous young women, what more need be said?  

Perhaps, a big salute to your parents?  Such dedication they have served you, and in turn you have given back to the world what they have given you. This shows in your magnificent command of the mat, the uneven bars, the balance beam.  And your beaming parents!! 

Here's the Fab Five's parent interview, It is you as individuals and as a team that did the ultimate work, you are the talent, the performers that make it happen. My favorite memory is where you are standing hand in hand, your coach behind you, watching for the final scores.

And what a wonderful lead of 5 points, you girls rock!!!!! 

You represent athleticism at its finest ~teamwork, persistence, grace, redemption, focus and cheer.  Yes, cheer!  Happiness and strength is the golden reward, sleep sound tonight knowing that you did all you could, and then some, to show the world how to fly and twirl in the air and land on your feet. 

You show us mortals what is possible! ☀

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