Tuesday, July 31, 2012


August 12, 2012 Update: 

Whoa, can we say more about US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps??  He has won 18 Gold Olympic medals, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze, total 22 career medals, winner of the most medals in Olympic history. 
Photo credit Matt Slocum/AP
Here in London, 6 Golds, 2 Silver, he is a powerhouse!  Great Reuters article here! 

A wonderful tribute to Michael's retirement at age 27, we will miss you! 

What goes through the mind of a great competitor? I think he looks better now than he did four years ago, a greater maturity to his persona, a resolve to his demeanor, especially while actually losing in some races the past few days, showing his humanity.  But did he cave? Look desolute, angry, any other negativity to interfere with future wins? No.  None whatsoever.  And that staying in the moment, shaking off any commentator innuendo that his time, his glory in the sun is over, is gone forever, instead catapults him to glory. 

 Michael has done it, he has achieved the "GOAT," a term used in sports and referenced to tennis icon Roger Federer, which means 'greatest of all time.'  There is greatness, we are blessed to have that gift in our lives, that goal that can be achieved by some, dreamed of by many.  But existing nonetheless to be experienced on certain levels, and Michael has achieved the highest level, being at one with the physical of this world, the near impossible.  Dreams are one thing, reality and harnessing the physical is quite another, a magical feat with highest honor.  And so it is. Bravo to Michael, and by the way, I really like those swim goggles!  

Olympian aficionados: Have a marvelous day, find YOUR greatness!!  ✈

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