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Already Wimbledon Finals are upon us! What a whirlwind event, with such upsets of favorite seeded players to grace the grass with waiting in the wings talent, new views to be analyzed and taken to the next level.  We have France's Marion Bartoli and Germany's Sabine Lisicki, a 2011 semifinalist at the All England Club.
photos courtesy of USA Today
The preamble leading to the final is a re-cap from USA Today, click here to discover how each player fought to get to this final.  "Anything worthwhile is hard to get to," would be a refrain from my mother on many an occasion, and certainly applies to this Wimbledon final as well.

SET 1~

Game 1. Bartoli wins the  coin toss and serves first. She digs out from 15-40 to deuce, but not enough, game Lisicki. 1-0.

Game 2. Lisicki serves, also breaks early!  Imagine being in the Wimbledon championship! 1-1 now.

Game 3.  Bartoli back serving, trying hard, but 15-30. Loos e is key, she's at 30-30 now.  Fist pumps. it looks hot in jolly old England! Bartoli is targeting Lisicki's forehand which can break down under pressure. Game Bartoli, 2-1.  back on serve now!

Game 4. Lisicki serving, 0-15.  0-30, 15-30.  Fast points.  Bartoli takes time away from her oponnents, she rushes you.  greta net play by both players, Bartoli gets the point, 15-40. Bartoli clearly steals time.  Error. 30-40. Whew! uh oh, game Bartoli. 3-1.

Game 5.  Bartoli serves. Lisicki hits long, 15-0. error, Lisicki.  30-0.  Bartoli double handed shots yield greta power.  40-0. 'Bold tennis.' Wide shot, Lisicki, she is tight while Bartoli has un-wound nicely. Game Bartoli 4-1. 

Game 6. Lisicki serving. let ball. Nice crosscourt, Bartoli hits long, 15-0. Bartoli more relaxed.  15-15.  Great net play by Lisicki, 30-15. Okay, 40-15 now. Fault. Hits wide, 40-30.  Bartoli has fast feet, she has to with the double handed shots! Deuce.  Lisicki is the favorite and the pressures are different, say s Chris Evert.  Ad Bartoli.  Ace! Deuce. Ad Lisicki.  Tough play, Bartoli gets her at the net responding from a drop shot.  Deuce. Another drop, Ad Lisicki. Deuce again.  Tough to close this game!  Double fault, Ad Bartoli. Lisicki hits long, game Bartoli 5-1. 

This set is flying by, i do not think more than 30 minutes so far!

Game 7. Bartoli serves.  15-0. Lisicki hits long, 30-0. Breathe, breathe!  Fault, serves in and wide, Lisicki hits after a shot exchange into the net.  40-0. Let service.  Second serve, Lisicki nets the ball. Set goes to Bartoli at 6-1.

Lisicki lost her service games 3 times in this set.  Hold on!!

SET 2~

Game 1.  Lisicki serves. Ace!  The crowd cheers!  Fault. Second serve exchange. 30-0.  Lisicki strong now at 40-0.  In her mind she's starting the match right now, says Chris. Okay, 40-15.  Game Lisicki 1-0.

Game 2.  Bartoli serves.  Chris wants to see energy and more positive, a smile perhaps.  36 minutes into the match now. 0-15.  Fault.  Lisicki shanks out wide, 15-15.  Nice serve, 30-15. Wide serve.  Double fault. 30-30. Great serve, Lisicki returns wide.  40-30.  Bartoli hits out after Lisicki get sto net, nice returns but bartoli hits long.  Deuce.  Fault.  Bartoli returns wide, Ad Lisicki.  Lisicki shanks wide. Deuce.  Use little adjustments steps to get in perfect position.  The feet are the first to go.  Lisicki hits down the line winner form second serve. Ad Lisicki, now she hits wide. Deuce.  Bartoli is not giving up the game easily.  Deuce.  Ugh, Bartoli nets. Ad Lisicki.  Third chance for a 2 love lead.  Bartoli attacks from net.  Deuce. Fault. Another Lisicki down the line attack from second serve, Bartoli nets.  Okay, Ad Lisicki. Now Deuce. Now Ad Bartoli, Longer exchange, Lisicki shanks, game Bartoli, 1-1.

Game 3.   Lisicki serves, Bartoli is really attacking.  0-15.  Lisicki is having a tough time, 0-30.  Bartoli is taking away her strengths.  0-40.  Okay, 15-40 now.  Game Bartoli, from the net. 2-1.

Game 4. Bartoli serves.  Lisicki hits long, 15-0. Chris says for Lisicki to dictate the point and take a few more chances.  15-15.  Lisicki hits long, 30-15.  Fault.  Lisicki hits agreta wide shot Bartoli struggles to return.  30-30.  Bartoli hits on the rise and anticipating so well.  40-30 now. Great volley from two handed backhand.  let ball.  Lisicki unable to control. Game Bartoli, 3-1.

Game 5. Lisicki serves. Bartoli hits wide. 15-0.  Lisicki hits net, looks upset, Chris says nerves affect the feet and they will not move as well.  15-30 now.  Fault.  Nice serve, Bartoli nets. 30-30. 40-30 now.  Bartoli is rushing her.  Fault. Double fault. Deuce.  This is not easy!  The crowd cheers for her! Nice down the line shot, Ad Lisicki.  Fault.  Bartoli hits a great wide shot. Deuce. Ad bartoli, Lisick i double faults, she is so very upset. Game Bartoli 4-1.

Game 6. Bartoli serves. Simply fast points here. Game Bartoli, 5-1. Is this it?

Game 7. Ad Bartoli, championship point number 3. Bartoli nets. Deuce!  Nice serve to the T! Ad Lisicki!!  Ace!  Game Lisicki, 2-5.

Game 8.  Bartoli serves.  Take each point separately and do not think of the finish line, says great Chris Evert.  Fabulous play, point goes to Lisicki, 0-15. Fault.  Great shot by Bartoli, wide angle, 15-15. Passion and urgency by Bartoli.  But, this is tough! Double fault, 15-30.  Wow, great down the line shot.  30-30. Clear focus, clean shot.  Fault.  Bartoli nets. 30-40.  Lots of pressure here.   break point.  Bartoli hits long after a 5 shot net exchange. Game Lisicki, 3-5.

Game 9.  Lisicki serves. fault.  Bartoli hits long, 15-0.  Tough here for Lisicki.  15-15 now.  Hit a second earlier, wins the point! 30-15.  Pulled off court, returns down the line. Fist pump. 40-15 now.  Nice! Lisicki takes the game with another deep corner shot, with a fist pump!!  Game Lisicki 4-5 now!

Game 10.  Bartoli serves. A second chance for the championship.  These girls are battling out there.  Lisicki is getting to the balls now.  Two hands create short angles.  15-0.  30 -0 now. So close.  Stepping in, getting the ball on the rise. Bartoli hits early again to deep angle!  Ace! WINS!! Game Bartoli 6-4.  


photo courtesy Toby Millville/REUTERS
p.s. Marion is documented to have an IQ of 175, we can learn from her!

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