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Here we are, at the end of the road for Wimbledon 2013.  Wow, what a tournament, what twists and turns leading us to the Men's Finals.  Andy Murray versus Novak Djokovic.  Two great players, two fabulous warriors.

So, here we stand, on the brink of history once again.

SET 1~

Novak Djokovic of  Serbia and the number 1 player in the world,  wins the coin toss and begins the match.  He is down 15-40 already!  Each point the crowd roars, they are clearly for Andy Murray the Scotsman, number 2 in the world playing for Great Britain. The fitness level of these two great tennis players is unbelievable.  The best in the world, we can learn from them. After much back and forth for approximately one hour of play, Andy Murray breaks Novak Djokovic to take the set at Games 6-4.

SET 2~

Novak opens the set again, this is to the player's advantage, if you break your opponent just once, you take the set at 6-3.  Such is the wonderful, mysterious scoring of the is game of tennis.  let's see what Djokovic will do. okay, Djokovic just broke Murray and now at 3-1.  That's all you need to take the set and staying on serve.  The crowd is quiet. 

Djokovic is serving now, too. Huge opportunity (advantage) here, let's see what happens next.  This is where the game gets good. 30-30 now. So much back and forth baseline shots, Djokovic wins now at 4-1, but next Murray takes the next 2 games, we are at 4-3 Djokovic, Murray serving at 30-30 now.  Now 30-40, huge advantage to take the game for Djokovic.  Deuce now. Ad Murray, deuce again.  This is a huge point scenario for both.  Djokovic has Murray on the run, but Murray seems okay although hits wide. Both are battling.  Murray slices a drop shot. Fault. Ace! 4-4 now, both back on serve now. 

Djokovic serving now 30-0 at 4-4.  Novak slides to make the shot, amazing! 40-0, a nice lead but not to sit on your laurels. Okay, easy game at 5-4 now, Djokovic.

Murray serves now.  Men's tennis does not get any better than this! Andy must serve from behind and stay on serve to keep up.  Wimbledon psychology tip~ focus on your game, your talent, not the score!  Let's see how Murray holds up.  Nice serve, but Djokovic takes the point, 0-15.  Pressure? Andy runs to net, Djokovic nets, great psych, now 15-15.   great serve Andy, 30-15 now.  Fault.  Novak has Andy running, hits out, 30-30 now.  Big serve, 40-30 now.  Djokovic off balance on deuce court. Fault.  Nice ad court serve, Novak returns long.  5-5 now.

Djokovic serves now.  Comes to the net, gets the point. 15-0.  Comes to the net, misses,15-15 now. Ugh oh, a bad call Novak gestures, he so upset with umpire chair now. Replay has teh ball catching the line, Novak is out of ball challenges.  15-30.  Nets the ball. 15-40, the crowd roars.  Clearly for Andy Murray. Novak smashes from the net!  30-40 now.  he is not best in teh world for nothing!  Nets again, game Murray!  Crowd is on its feet!!

Murray serves now. 6-5.  Novak will be loaded for bear, as the saying goes.  15-0 now.  High toss, Novak unable to return! 30-0 now.  Fault.  So much of tennis is about the serve.  40-0 now.  Ace!  Murray is one set away now, the crowd is so much rooting for him, possibly a Brit in 77 years as a Wimbledon champion!

One hour, 69 minutes so far.

SET 3~

Okay, back on court.  What a fabulous game tennis is!!  Djokovic starts again. So strong, yet nets the ball. 0-15.  Fault.  Lots of baseline, Novak nets the ball. 0-30.  Okay! 15-30 now.  Murray its long. 30-30. each point, the match hangs in teh balance at these levels.  Incredible.  A Novak drop shot, Andy runs to get it and Novak hits out. 30-40. Questionable line call, okay game Murray. 1-0 now.

Murray serving.  Fault. Now 15-0, Novak unable to return the second serve!  30-0 now.  Fault.  Novak hits wide.  40-0.  Another wide shot on Novak's part, game Murray, 2-0. 

Djokovic serves. Fault.  0-15 now.  Murray hits a great passing shot. 0-30.  Murray nets, a big "Ugh!" from the audience, Murray make a mistake? 15-30, now Novak wins at service line 30-30 now.  All right!  Novak swats to get the point, 40-30 now! Another swat!  Game Djokovic! 1-2 now.

Murray serves now.  0-15. Fault.  Hits long, 0-30 now. Could this be when Murray loses concentration? Novak returns long.  15-30.  What a slice serve! 30-30 now. Wow, nice!  Novak does his drop shot, Murray returns as usual, this time Nova returns cross court to open court.  30-40, go Novak!! Nice! Game Djokovic, Murray tried teh same drop shot tactic, and murray hits deep and wide!  Game Djokovic! 2-2 now, both back on serve, anyone's set!!!

Djokovic serves.  Fault, back and forth, 0-15 Murray.  Novak's serve 102 miles per hour.  Novak does the drop shot again to deuce court, 15-15 now.  30-15 now.  I am sure Murray is feeling the pressure now, Novak is not to be denied!  Fourth drop shot to deuce court! Murray nets an angle return!  40-15 now.  We can learn from this, folks!   Nice shot for Djokovic, game, 3-2 now.

Murray serves.  Fault.  Another drop shot by Novak, Murray nets again, fifth time!  0-15.   Serve to the T, great Novak return, Murray hits long. 0-30.  Novak at net, Murray greta return down the line, 15-30.  Murray is stressing, legs not working as well.  To get rid of stress, yell, barks John McEnroe.  15-40. Fault.  Murray nets.  This is the dark time in the match, the 3 AM point. Game Djokovic, 4-2.

Djokovic serves.  0-30. Some wrong decisions on Novak's part.  Fault. Andy approaching the net, nets, 15-30 now. Andy shaky legs now, Novak looks fine.  Follow the gluten free diet!  Andy has Novak cornered each side, great playing, point Murray.  15-40.  Double break point. Okay, 30-40 now on a serve and volley. One shot at a time. Novak hits long as Andy at net, 4-3 now.

Murray serves.  The crowd cheers! 0-15.  Novak has bid returns, splits, Murray's ball hits the line, 15-15.  Amazing tennis.  30-15 now.  Murray hits long, caught the forehand late. 30-30 now.  Huge point now.  Fault.  Playing the second serve.  Novak hits long from forehand, 40-30. Fault.  Novak does his deuce drop shot, when it counts, Murray gets it and hits it deep in the court.  Game Murray, both back on serve at 4-4.

Djokovic serves.  great Murray return, Novak returns long.  The finish line soon? Scary thought.  15-15 now.  Novak is not best in the world for nothing! But neither is Murray at number 2 :) Wow, great tennis here, the Novak drop shot is spoiled now by Murray, superb tennis!  15-30.  Wow, amazing effort on Andy's part, just incredible tennis, Novak has run out of surprises it seems.  15-40.  All quiet, Novak nets! Cheers!  he is broken, Murray will serve for the match! 5-4, Murray.

Murray serves.  Everyone is standing, but in his hometown they are shown seated.  Such is proper decorum at home.  This is a wild bunch on Centre Court here.  Novak hits long. 15-0.  3 more points to championship.  Murray faults.  Big topspin crosscourt shots, the Novak drop shot does not work!  30-0 now.  BIG serve, Novak returns long. 40-0.  Championship point!  Nice, Djokovic!  You can here a pin drop.  40-15. Shhhh.  Fault.  Nice, Djokovic! 40-30 now. Great return early backhand.  Fault.  Crowd cheers thinking it was in but way out,  shhhhhh.  Back and forth, deuce!!  This is amazing!  Murray nets! Advantage Djokovic!  Deuce again!  Such great play, concentration galore, advantage Djokovic!  Fault.  Back and forth!  Murray closes at service line for short angle volley in deuce court. Deuce. Advantage Djokovic, Murray tries deuce court drop shot and Djokovic angles way and in.  Murray serves deep and volleys in deuce court saves the point, deuce. Fault.  Amazing tennis! Advantage Murray, all tennis in this point, topspin, angles, drop shots, slices! Oh my gosh, Murray WINS!!!


photo courtesy AFP: Glyn Kirk

Three hours, nine minutes.

The 77 year drought ends, a British citizen wins!

Postscript~ Could there be a new royal baby on the way, too? Stay tuned for Prince William and Duchess Kate, any day now!

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