Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This is my first post ever on the Tour de France.  For so many years this bicycle race has enthralled me, as a teenager up until now. Imagine! Cycling your way through the most beautiful landscape of Europe, and better yet, maybe even after witnessing some Wimbledon rounds!

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Okay, and here is the map~

The race begins in Corsica June 29th and ends at sunset on the revered, very wide Champs Elysees July 21st.

Click here for today's Stage 16 'as it happened' link from The Guardian, including stats, back races and much more!  So much to see and do, HOW do these racers DO it??

We know the terrible tales of doping, of the peer pressure, the lies and videotape... Do these athletes really have to take drugs to keep up? I should hope not, true athleticism DOES exist, especially in this day and age of great nutrition, weight bearing and aerobic exercise, psychology sports medicine, and the plain old 'will to win' mentality.

Many summers ago my brother and I would ride our 10 speeds through the country, wondering in our bliss of youth and perfection, if we should register for the Tour. We had visited France on separate occasions, and on our bikes we discussed the terrain, water breaks, our competition, the heat, how to survive the Tour let alone the Alps, perhaps?  Those halcyon days of yonder, when perhaps signing up as a cyclist could indeed be a possibility.

Before the big last day in Paris, there remain 3 huge mountain climbs through Alpine terrain, and British favorite Chris Froome, 28, is looking forward to the challenge. he is all but tagged as the Tour de France winner, however doping whispers follow his trail, hopefully he will be clean~

photo courtesy of Bryn  Lennon/Getty Images

UPDATE~ CONGRATULATIONS Chris Froome, champion of the 100th Tour de France! Click here for ALL the details of his historic win!

Make those reservations now and get to the Tour to cheer on your 2014 favorite, or better yet be a rider yourself, try a spinning class!! Today!

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