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updated July 15, 2014

July birthstone is... the ruby.  Fit for a queen!  Such warmth on a summer's day, such a dependable, truly worthy gem suitable for all occasions.

A little gift from Prince William for his Duchess Kate?
at Blue Nile


"The gleaming Ruby should adorn,
All those who in July are born,
For thus they'll be exempt and free,
From lover's doubts and anxiety."

How many times have you heard the word, "ruby?" As in, ruby red lips, ruby tuesday (the song), ruby wedding (40th anniversary), ruby red (the color)...

The ruby represents warmth and devotion, strength, courage and conviction, all attributes of the color red. A friend of mine's mother would say, "Wear red, especially in times of doubt and strife, it will protect you." Rubies are also known to ward off disease as well as any evil presence according to the Burmese people.

A Youtube video for you originating from I love this site!

Royals wearing rubies~

Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Burmese Ruby Tiara, bestowed to her on her coronation day.  The rubies portray the Rose of England, and the 96 colored stones represent the 96 diseases of the human body the Burmese people believe the ruby can deflect~

The Burmese Tiara
Click the image for a total array of British royal tiaras!!!

And the noteworthy Ruby Parure Tiara worn by HRH The Crown Princess Mary of Denmark~

HRH Princess Mary of Denmark and the Ruby Parure

You can guess that rubies are most notably found in Burma, also Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan and India.

Rubies are facetted usually, and also can be found in cabochon form, almost resembling the sapphire Star of India, but in red.

Here are the Burmese Fireworks Cabochon Necklace and Matching Earrings, offered in 2012 at Sotheby's auction, sold, alas, these are the prettiest ruby cabochon I have found~

For all those born in July and aficionados alike, celebrate the proud, strong and brave ruby! 

Create your OWN fireworks!

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