Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Wow, so many upsets, who knew? Wimbledon 2013, there could easily be an unknown who takes the title after the upsets on Day 3 of this historic tournament.

Roger Federer is out, I saw the match, Stakhovsky was a worthy contender and got Federer, capitalizing on his immaculate net game.  The short angles were solid, his movement quick and anticipatory.

Seven former number 1s played today, and all lost. Tsonga is out, also Wozniacki, Ivanovic, Hewitt, Nadal, Sharapova and Federer.

A 'whacky Wednesday,' as said by commentator Pam Shriver and one to be discussed and analyzed for years to come. 

First Rafael Nadal  goes in Round 1, and now Roger Federer, it will be difficult for him to get anything positive out of today's loss.  And it was close, 3 tiebreakers, great tennis, but not enough.  Sometimes I watch Roger and I wonder if he is in the match.  I mean that he is cavalier, maybe that is his greatness, I am really not sure.  His forehand shanks at times, and can really hurt him.  Roger out so soon!  We will all surely miss him.  There is the US Open.  The great Roger Federer, he is getting older at 31, but I thought he would have a great chance of taking this title again.

Chris Evert said as you get older as a player, each day is different, you may not wake up in the morning as 'on' as you would be, or, conversely, you could be on that day.  Chris retired after a fifteen year run at the age of 34. The age factor creates unpredictability. I agree with this.  Some days are good, others not so good.

BUT, remember what golf champion Bobby Jones said, 'learn to score well even when you are not playing well.'  Age will force this issue, and I wonder if the great tennis players are truly up against great competition and playing their not- so- best while scoring as best as can be. Thus, a huge turning point could be in the offing right now.

Maria Sharapova has been upset today, the court was exceptionally loud with her vocals. Here she is at her press conference after her defeat by Larcher De Brito~

Victoria Azarenka is out with a knee problem, as well as the tall American John Isner and Tsonga all with injuries.  Click here for the details from USA Today.

What has clearly created a new, higher bar of competition is greatly improved nutrition and fitness.  Players are jumping on the bandwagon of gluten free, as Djokoivc, Murray, and Federer is as gorgeous as ever despite his loss today.

Also, get a really good look at these athletes, they are physically fit and mentally strong.  Yoga has its certain benefits, it centers Maria, and has certainly helped me in my quest as a singles player.  

Persistence is key, and these players are the best in the world. We cannot wait to see who is waiting in the wings, as already a big reveal is in place as witnessed today.

Stay tuned!

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And, all you brave athletes after Wimbledon glory, have a Pimm, and carry on!

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