Friday, December 27, 2013


Can you believe it, 2014? We all ask, where did the years go? Each new year, there is so much hope and promise, we all seek it, we all feel it.  What a gift! Such is the toast to the New Year!

Inevitably, we look back to the last year, how far did we evolve, dig deeper into what matters most for us?  I, too, have had the fortunate benefit of hindsight to appreciate the past and plan for the future.  However, a caveat, planning is good, but not enough. Yes, not enough!  One must execute these plans, and that is the hard part.

One step I have taken is to first make plans, then one small step at a time, find a way for those plans to happen. It is sort of like planning Christmas, you find some gifts for those you love, then you piece them together and create themes, anything of definite interest for the recipient, and there you go!  You have just executed a plan! And the gift receiver's big smile becomes the giver's best gift of all :)

The new year becomes a welcome building block. Try it, piece those blocks together, make some plans, and dream, envision, plan and plot your next move for the new year!

Year 2013 saw volatile economic change, severe storms, dry summers, budding roses, a changing of the guard on the world stage. Large or small, plans have power. Christmas offers us the salvation of mankind, the birth of Jesus and forgiveness of sin inherent to all mankind. It is good news, it is beauty in its purest form.  

Christmas sets the stage for new year plans, pure and bright, starry night! What is in store for you? What plans have you made, what will you build upon for 2014?

For me, I am happy to know now what my tennis game needs, it was strong yet shaky with holes in my playing. I have learned in 2013 what needs to be done, how to get from a particular kind of playing to a more true, steady game that packs punches of power and smooth finesse into each stroke of the ball. I am excited to see what 2014 brings!

And to stay healthy!  No matter how well you try, life can happen.  We have had losses with those we love, and hold dear to our hearts the moments we share together with those in our midst.  Plan to help those in need, to let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers, that you value them, their desires and wishes!

Building the intellect is a great goal, read more!  I plan to carve out 30 minutes in my day to read a book. It has been a while and I miss it. Read!

Also, tend to those loose ends in your life.  Like a pair of frayed pants, get those scissors out and cut off those jagged ends, your pants (life) will be the better for it! Get rid of unnecessary clutter, force yourself to recognize an investment from a superficial whim.

Probably my most important goal is to listen to others. Really focus. Consider their orientation and not your own when conversing. Seek to understand.

                                          And New Year's Eve? Who knows!

It is important to raise a glass and "take a sip of kindness yet to Auld Lang Syne!"



Be beautiful and celebrate life, responsibly, of course!


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