Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The holidays are over by now, and what have we learned? 
What has been your greatest gift this holiday season? 

                    For me, it is the discovery that I am doing what I am supposed to do.  
Sound simple, right?
                                                                Not necessarily so!

Think for a moment. How many times in a job, a relationship, a place, you wish you were somewhere else? That simply means that you should be doing something else. it is not that you are unproductive, not making enough income, not gaining in your network, you could quite easily be succeeding in those areas, for the short term.  But dig deeper, and really examine how you spend your days, your each and every hour.  Have you prioritized? Are you at peace with how you spend your time, or do you dread the moments, when finally your task is over?

Notice I use the words, "spend your time." Interesting. These words imply that you have been given an allowance, time, and can use it in any way that you want. Hmmm.  What a gift! So it is "time" that is on your side, but the tricky part is how you spend it.  Life is finite. It has a beginning and end for us all. Maybe you will be a prodigy, inventor, a writer, painter or politician, where you will be remembered beyond your years.  But that legacy is an exception, not the rule.  There are the rest of us. Can we be special, too?

I believe we can. Within the context of our families, our relationships, our communities.  Without the intricate network of the every day person, there would not be a greater society. We serve as the foundation to greatness.  Our presence allows greatness to happen. 

What we need to do is to identify our talents, our own personal gifts, and offer them to the world in our small way, to build and ultimately contribute to the greater whole. Time becomes at once our friend and our enemy.  Temptations abound as to how we spend it.  Money and prestige for a life we are not comfortable with?  Go with less, then what you do have becomes more. The remainder as it stands on its own takes on the new position of importance. Weed out the unnecessary, and give this purging a try.  Your life, your time will open up, and your allowance of time increases in abundance.

The hard part? Taking the risk.  Doing something different.  Something others will not understand.  But, who cares? Who are these "others?" They could be close associations, but in time (there is that word again) your close associations will adapt, and everyone else really do not matter. For, they are ensconced with their own decision making, their own time and lives!

Be efficient, prepare and plan your goals, and use your time wisely.  It will disappear eventually; time is a pariah in that it is there for you for so long, then one day you turn around and wonder, where did the time go?  It really does not have to go anywhere if you use your time well, in fact, time can stand still when you do what you love. You stand in uniqueness when you are happy in your work, your relationships. Time stands still. It becomes eternity. Such is love.

Discover Amira from Holland, this is her Youtube Holland final Who's Got Talent singing Nessum Dorma ~

Amira is 9 years old, and she perfectly combines the every day with pure beauty. She is self taught, and gives her everything for that she loves most: song. Amira is the 2013 winner of this most coveted prize, we will surely see her more, congratulations!

On that note, goals for the New Year? Take a page from Amira's book~ simplicity. Being strong. Living life! Using time wisely, and knowing that in fact, it is time and the management thereof that is the greatest gift of all. Amira has discovered this early, what else can she teach us?

Happy New Year 2014!

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