Saturday, December 21, 2013


Each year, in our family we discuss the Christmas tree, how to decorate? Give it a theme? All silver or red, just one color, a simple palette?  

But each time. myself leading the pack, one by one we unpack the carefully wrapped ornaments from the year before, and we remark, oh, how cute! Or, remember this one? Or, ugh, I look so bad (from a second grade picture, eyes half shut, bad haircut, big smile pasted on a Christmas ornament for all to see).

Got to admit, the silver theme is SOOO pretty, maybe we will do it this year. Tough to commit!

What did we do?  We compromised! Satin Christmas balls scattered throughout, toys hung for memories of yore~

On a different note, the Christmas season I have noticed does fall mostly on the women in the household. And that is all right!  After all, we are the ones who shop, we love shopping mostly, so it makes sense for us to take over and just do it!

In a Twitter tweet, I mentioned that a few days ago, lots of women were wearing glasses, myself included! I think Thursday the 19th of December we were all so busy that even putting in contact lenses was too great a task, just relax and get the job done! I first noticed on television, then running a few errands there were others out there like me, we even silently looked at one another as if we understood.

On the ABC morning television show Good Morning America, a news commentator asked actress and mother Meryl Streep if she celebrates a traditional Christmas. Meryl's answer? The tradition is that I do all the work. She said it sweetly, wearing her glasses, and I could certainly empathize with her honest  response. 

I think each year, women and Moms should unite and wear their glasses on December 19th, 6 days before Christmas! Throw in the towel of decorum and declare that we are busy, no time to fuss, we are doing this for YOU!!!

Then, when the day is done, kick back, smile, take a shower (Crabtree & Evelyn bath products are nice), have a glass of red, let out a deep sigh, then plan for the next days ahead.

A traditional Christmas?  Each year, by virtue of the fact that we celebrate Christmas, IS a tradition! The themed tree or one filled with toys and pictures, a theme in and of itself really, becomes the tradition.  

And Moms?  The ladies, please?  WE are the most traditional of ALL!

Merry, Merry and HO HO HO!!!

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