Monday, April 23, 2012


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Rainy day today, had first interclub match, and lost.  Oh well, as they say, you learn through losing, and accomplish through winning!  

We came back in the second set, it was really a draw on who would win, and... our opponents did.  And so it goes.  

But what is it about winning that is so good?  It just makes you feel good, that you did something right, and you did!  But to win in tennis is difficult, no one wins all the time.  It is a game that has approach, as in the shot, but with the player never reaching that ultimate glory of ever being the best. Such personal aggrandizement! 

There is inevitably someone else out there better, so when the opportunity arises, you have to optimize your chances and  win while you can.  

This was not the case for us today.  We should have won, and did not.  You can tell when you walk on court the expertise of your opposition, but for some reason if you make errors (as we both did), you are done for.  Essentially, you tank for no known reason.

This is what is agonizing me, it is the lost opportunity for a good win.  That tougher match is out there, and to help the team we have to try even harder now for that win!  

Tennis is so much staying in the moment on multiple levels, not only for the current game, but for future match play as well.  

Plus, I wanted to switch racquets in set two, and I discovered a broken string from last week!  Getting that fixed now, so we shall see what my Friday match is like.  

I will play singles, and plan to keep in mind the psyche part of the game, to be observant, and if something doesn't work, to immediately change up my strokes and court positioning.

And most of all, to play the sport as it should be played, with resolve, class, respect, and an open, quiet mind. :)

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