Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Mantra: It's never too late!  Here's the story- While out walking with friends a few days ago, I heard a lovely song from a man sitting on a sidewalk bench.  The Bard's sound was strong and lyrical, so, as we passed along I said to him what a great voice he has.  His face lit up, but then, shoulders still slumped, he said, "It's too late."  My immediate response to him?  "It's NEVER too late!" We both smiled and I continued along with my friends.  

What does too late actually mean? I used to think to accomplish much of anything it had to have been done when I was in my twenties, even earlier, and now, the older I get, the more I realize that age in fact means nothing, and sometimes your goals do indeed take time.

Managing personal time becomes a state of mind, we are in control of our wants and needs that manifest either now or later, but we are the ones in ultimate control, not some outside source.  Of course, the voice can get raspy, disappear in fact, but so what? It's never too late to use what you DO have, and in this instance the street singer did have a perfectly acceptable voice. Maybe he had a lost opportunity and is still hanging on to that thought.  

But beware, hanging on to the past will blur the present and new opportunities. Instead, make natural adjustments to fit your current situation, whatever it is, then you are timeless. See here below the "Bard of Avon:"

William Shakespeare, painting believed to be the only authentic image made during his life 

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