Tuesday, April 24, 2012


updated March 15, 2015

Hi!  What a difference a day makes!  Bright and sunny today, windy of course to breeze away the last remnants of storm.  I've been thinking of my tennis match play, and so much depends on footwork. 

Remember, the kinetic chain begins from the feet upwards!  

I'm changing my sneakers to a smaller design, my others are comfortable but a bit too long, and I've decided the length of just a few mm can make all the difference in a slight turn which affects your racket angle and therefore your shot.  

                       I've decided to get these Asics Gel Sneakers I am wearing here:
 They have proven to be sturdy, comfortable and lightweight. 
We enjoyed a happy event of a family wedding in CT over the weekend, not much sleep and lots of entertaining with a great group of friends and the beautiful bride and handsome groom, but to do a match a day later was a challenge for me!

Our doubles opponents were having a field day with overheads. 

Moral here: hit low in doubles!! To do that, get your feet and hips in the right position to give yourself plenty of room to make the shot.  

Remove your opponents' strengths! Know thyself!

Bigger sneakers will prevent that tiny turn, so that's my theory.  Meanwhile, check out this link: regarding water retention, which can affect shoe size.

 I'd love to wear a smaller shoe, and water retention control will help achieve this, besides contributing for better overall health and also may indicate early (hopefully) any health event going on that may become an issue later on.  

So, to be fit and beautiful you've got to be healthy  and beautiful from within, we never really know what's going on inside, but there are little strategies (like having the proper foot gear!) to help for a more vital presence, a more vital you. 

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                               Have a great day, you've earned it! ♡♡

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