Thursday, April 26, 2012


I really like American entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who stated today that, "if you are putting effort into something, start a business around it."

Those are my very thoughts, and what I seek to achieve.  Currently, my interests are health, sports, and holding onto a youthful mind and spirit to prepare and usher me into the next phase of life so that I can contribute to my family, my community and the world around us.  

Hence the creation of Fit Beauty and You.  

Before that while raising young children, I wrote and illustrated the book you can find on Amazon entitled Sea Breezes, Salt Air, Adventures with the Bunny Cousins®, please see  

Sea Breezes, Salt Air

For fun I am using the pen name C. Avery Brookes, a combo of family names. I built a business around the children's book characters the Bunny Cousins®, and the book is still being sold at Amazon

It helped my children and their friends focus on literacy and learning through fun reading, a concept that I continue to promote today.  

What does this have to do with the topic of beauty?  A lot.  It is searching deep within side of yourself to find what you can do to help others in a productive way, no matter what stage you are in life.  

It is the search for inner beauty and implementing productivity as your life unfolds. This approach  is a philosophy, and one that has carried my family and myself through difficult times as well as the good.  

The challenge is to find that certain something you care about, and then finding an original way to make it happen within the confines of your daily responsibilities. 

Perhaps that is indeed the beauty: it is in the search, the doing, the finally recognizable patterns of improvement and growth, and the "aha!" moment when you can sit back with a sigh and say with relief and wonder, I actually did it! 

Enjoy your day! ✈

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