Monday, March 26, 2012


Good evening!  It's so good to challenge yourself, no matter where you are on the learning curve, just keep going!  Sometimes you just don't want to do what you should, like me today, I really had planned to run a 5K in my neighborhood, but it was really windy and cold out, so I did other necessary tasks, thinking I'd go out later.  Well, you know the answer to that one.  I did my work, but the weather was too chilling to cooperate.  So, instead, I put on my cold sneakers, and went to the gym late in the day. It was hard to get there, but I did.  And was glad ever!  What a difference one hour makes, I speed walked 3.5 miles at a 4.0 incline, still didn't do my run as I decided it just wasn't going to happen today, and it didn't, BUT, I got out there, burned 378 calories, and felt SOOO much better coming back home, wondering why it was so difficult to get there to begin with!  So much of the challenge is in your head, if you can fix your mind, slowly the body will conform, it just takes time.  Get out there, and good luck!

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