Monday, March 19, 2012


Hi Girls!  This is my very first blog, so I'll keep it short and to the point.  In my mid-fifties now, my priority is my family and all that encompasses, which is a lot!  

It is important to keep a steady path in life, no matter the swirls of activity surrounding you.  Stay true to who you are and you will have a wonderful journey, and have some fun, too!!

To be most effective with those I love, and to contribute to my community as well, my goal is linking fitness and beauty, combined with my favorite sport, TENNIS!  I am stronger now than I was eight years ago, a few more facial lines maybe, but not much considering I am on a tennis court outside 4 months of the year. Some is due to heredity, other is the right products in the right situations. 

I will be researching more of how to get that frown line gone once and for all, and will be sharing with you a combination of tennis tips, tools of the tennis trade, related beauty products, upcoming tennis matches and destinations, and anything else I may come across that has been helpful to me in my daily life and hopefully to you as well. 

Enjoy, and thanks for tuning in!!! ☀

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