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The Oscars, how can we make them special, year after year?  Sounds easy, just do something different, but what exactly is that 'different?' Sometimes the actresses have a theme, whether planned or not, as in most will wear red, or have deep decollete, or their hair up... 

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One billion people worldwide are watching.  Wow! Seth MacFarlane is hosting, young face, multi-talented, and actually funny too! But, the song "We Saw your Boobs?"  Different.... 

And just getting to the Oscars can be a tough one. Let us get real, folks, sometimes a person does not feel well (it has been a tough flu season this year, and still raging on), or issues in the family, or just lost electricity and the hair straightener won't work, or your dress is too big from nerves and working out (smile), the housekeeper is too tipsy to see straight, little Johnnie just broke a tooth, the list is endless.

So, appreciate the show and all that has been put into the production, no matter the droning on of the names, the endless film clips, the hopefully fresh jokes.  It is tough up there in front of everyone!

Theme of this year's Oscars goes to~Music in Film.

If you are not borrowing some Harry Winston jewels, be confident in your own Blue Nile red carpet beauty of a statement necklace~

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My top favorite dresses of the evening were graced on the beauties Jessica Chastain and Naomi Watts, both gowns from Armani!!

Jessica works her red locks and coloring perfectly (there's that red color theme), AND the pop of red lip color is genius, it brings the entire ensemble alive~

Jessica Chastain
Naomi Watts is striking in this Armani shimmery silver asymmetric structure dress~

Naomi Watts
It is evident these girls are working out!  So many looked fabulous, strong, and in control.

All in all the gowns were tasteful, well structured and the stars carried them well. Lots of Dior, more Chanel, my absolute favorite is the Naomi Watts Armani. This is one tough dress to pull off, and Naomi does it with ease.

But what is in the #Oscarmysterybox??  Great idea to interact the audience to put their two cents in for a potential correct guess. This challenge was introduced by a commentator as the actors processed down the red carpet. Inside were Dorothy's ruby slippers.

So, what do they say? Oh yes, "Relax folks, and enjoy the show!"

AND... the Oscar goes to......

Jennifer Lawrence, Best Actress! ~

Anne Hathaway for best supporting actress!  AND...

ARGO! For best picture, and well worth the award, brought you right back into the 1970s on all fronts. Riveting.

Here at Forbes is the complete list of 2013 Oscar winners.

And here are the highlights!~

Congratulations everyone, stay well, stay gorgeous!

What A Beautiful Life

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