Thursday, April 5, 2012


Spring has sprung!  Wow, all these perennials popping up, such a delightful surprise from the forbidding winter. Have you ever noticed how FIT landscapers are?  

That is my new challenge, to create an outdoor environment pleasing to the senses while keeping in shape for upcoming USTA tennis. So far I've done some planting, some edging on the patio (still needs work but is better :)), doing lunges as I weed, yes you have to weed no matter what efforts are involved to prevent those nasty plant-based creatures that strive to strangle your hard work.  

Oh yes, and deer, there have been large chomps taken from a few tulip plantings, so I've sprayed them and a few others, so hopefully our nocturnal visitor will go elsewhere.  It did bite off the top of our fencing, not much but the damage is visible, and tried also to bite into an evergreen but I saw a discarded remnant nearby, so that is safe thank goodness.  

Our hydrangea is the star that survived winter's havoc, in early December I layered coverings of flat cardboard, then 2 tarps and then foliage and lawn debris as camouflage.  Then in early March I unveiled the "girl scout" experiment, and the branches had buds! Now, a month later, it is plush and happy, I am waiting to see when the blossoms show their mopheads.  

Time for watering, have a wonderful spring season and enjoy each day.  Look for the little things in life to be grateful for, such wonders can open up entire worlds. ☀

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