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Already here we are at the Women's final for the US Open. Such an incredible two weeks it has been.  We live for this moment, how soon it ends.  So much to see, so much talent, humility, lessons to be learned.

Today we have Serena Williams defending her title, looking for a 6th US Open win, and going for the winner's circle with Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova as an 18th Grand Slam  winner. Serena is number 1 in the world, playing for the US.

We also have Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark, number 10 in the world, trying for her first US Open.

Both young ladies are very close friends.


Both women are coming out swinging hard.  Very hard.

Serena opens the match serving.  Wozniacki does well returning, Serena saves a break point and takes the game.  1-0.

Wozniacki serves.  At 30-30 now.  Can she hold? Oh no, a double fault.  Really cannot do that. Not at these levels, for these stakes. Okay, Serena hots long. Now Ad for Serena. Right in Serena's strike zone at 90 miles an hour.  Serena returns a second serve down the line for a winner.  game Serena at 2-0 now.

Serena serves now.  Second serves, Caroline hits long.  Ace for Serena, at 30-0 now.  Caroline hits hard, swinging freely, and Serena at net nets the ball. 30-15.  Caroline has a nice return, Serena returns long, 30-30 now. Fault.  Caroline has such a  solid return, wow!  30-40.  I love the way she hits! Second serve.  You could hear a pin drop. Okay, Serena returns long, a break for caroline!  1-2, Wozniacki.

Caroline Wozniacki serves.  Serena jumps on a short ball, 0-30 now.  Okay, great first serve, 30-15.  These points are really short.  30-30 now. So quiet! ACE! 107 miles per hour right down the T. 40-30.  Caroline has fabulous perfect topspin, but Serena dictates to the deep corner. Deuce.  Caroline hits wide, AD out.  Nice 96 mph serve, back to Deuce.  Another 106 mph serve, AD Caroline.  Fault at 98 mph. Okay, back and forth, then Serena hits deep to corner, comes up and slams the ball for a winner from the net. Deuce.  Second serve at 85 mph. AD out. Serena hits a great return form a 102 mph,serve, game Serena at 3-1 now.

Serena serves.  Her serve is so big.0-15. Deep rally, and Wozniacki wins the point with Serena hits wide. a 22 shot rally.  0-30.  Both players are nervous and tight.  0-40. Quick points here. Ace!  Long serve at 15-40.  Double fault, now back on serve at 3-2.

Caroline serves at 2-3. With these back and forth early breaks, this could be a long match!  15-0 now.  Deep returns, but Serena  controlled the point from behind the service line for a winner.  15-15 now. Serena's down the line shot wins her points!  15-30 now.  13 winners and 13 errors for Serena so far.  Just too tough for Caroline, 15-40 now.  Serena returns long form a 110 mph up the T serve.  30-40.  Long serve, second to the T, rally, Caroline nets the ball.  4-2, Serena.

Serena serves, corners Caroline, 15-0.  Caroline attacks a weaker return of Serena's, 15-15 now.  Fault. Some back and forth, 30-15, Caroline still draws errors here.  Such powerful hitting, Caroline hits long.  40-15.  Serena dictates every point here.  Fault.  Back and forth, Caroline nets the ball, 5-2, Serena.

The timing here is certainly under one hour.

Caroline Wozniacki serves at 2-5.  New balls.  Fault.  A deep crosscourt return of Serena's, Serena catches the line. 0-15.  It must be a bit disheartening for caroline.. This is an extremely difficult match. 15-15 now. 30-30 now.  Serena returns wide.  40-30. Go Caroline! Caroline shanks a return, deuce.  Caroline nets.  AD Serena.  Nice, Caroline serves up the middle, and Serena hits long.  Deuce.  Serena hits long, both players are moving the other around a LOT!  AD Caroline.  Second serve to the T, Serena nets after a shot, Caroline holds!  

Serena serves at 5-3 now.  Caroline has developed a groove now, 0-15.  Serena serves to the T, Caroline cannot return and nets.  15-15.  Ugh- oh, Serena takes the ball from the air for an overhead and wins the point.  30-15.  Serve to the T, 104 mph, 40-15.  Double set point.  Serena hits wide.  Second serve at 76 mph, Caroline hits out, Serena takes the first set at 6-3.

46 minutes.


Caroline serves. 0-15.  Only one winner for Caroline and 10 unforced errors.  Serena is large and plays big, and does some tough volleys for a winner.  SO strong.  two handed back hand volley. 15-30.  So much in her tool box! Back and forth here, such fabulous hitting, then Serena's ball drops in.  15-40. a 20 shot rally.  Fault.  Rally, then Caroline breaks for a fourth time.  

Serena serves at 1-0.  A 124 mph let ball. 120 mph.  15-0.  Serena is loosening up, her serves are so big.  30-0.  What can Caroline do?  Hitting, then Caroline hits long. 40-0.  Ace! 105 mph, 5 aces now by Serena. Wow! 2-0, Serena.

caroline serves.  15-0. 15-15 now from a Serena overhead.  Fault.  This is tough.  Serena's ball chips the net and Caroline takes advantage of the odd bounce and hits a down the line winner.  15-30.  Rally, Serena moves Caroline across the court, 30-30 now.  40-30 now.  One more.  Windy out there at 10 mph. Fault.  Serena makes a crosscourt inside out forehand for a winner.  Deuce.  Keep Serena deep and off balance!  A fabulous display of grit, Serena hits deep, AD Serena.  Serena now nets, deuce.  Adrenaline rush there.  Great serve, Caroline dominates rally, AD Caroline.  Must hold.  Si quiet!  Wow, Serena hits wide, game Caroline! 1-2, Caroline.

Serena still dominates at 2-1.  Serena serves. 22 to 1 winner so far.  Fault.  Serena is so loose.  Double fault.  her third for the match.  0-15. 15-15 now.  Fault. great second serve at 77 mph.  Caroline returns wide.  30-15. Now 40-15.  Fault.  86 mph second serve. Serena corners Caroline in backhand corner, Caroline pops up her return as Serena enters the net for a winner crosscourt volley.

Caroline serves.  0-15. Serna nets. 15-15 now.  99 mph now.  Faults.  Big rally, Serena nets, 30-15.  Serve to the T, Serena nets, 40-15 now.  ACE! 96 mph to the deuce court far corner. Game to Wozniacki for 2-3.

Serena serves now.  Could Caroline catch up?? Ace! 116 mph.  15-0.  Now Serena hits long. 15-15.  Ace! 30-15.  Now 40-15.  Game Serena at 4-2. Two games away from the championship.  

Caroline serves at 2-4. Fault.  Serena nets. 15-0.  Caroline does have a chance. Let's see what happens.  Serena hits long, 30-0.  Long again, 40-0. Fault.  Hold caroline, hold! Ace! Her third!  Now 3-4, Caroline.

Serena serves now.  Big question is that will she play tight?  I wonder.  Serena is such a champion, she may very well ace this entire game.  I have noticed she saves her aces for last.  let us see.... "Power, finesse and artistry," from Ms. Kelly Coffey Deputy CEO of JP Morgan Private Bank, proud sponsor of the US Open.  Okay, Serena leads at 15-0.  Fault. Short rally, Caroline nets the ball.  30-0.  Caroline hits down the line in BH corner, gets to net and Serena returns wide.  30-15. Rally, Serena nets, now 30-30.  She is winded.  Serena serves big, Caroline hits long 116 mph.  40-30.  Fault.  Rally, Serena picks up her pace and returns at service court line angled for a winner. Game Serena! 5-3 now, one game away.

Caroline serevs. Returns long. 0-15. Fault.  Serve to the T.  Rally to the corners, and Caroline steps up a quick deep return  for a winner.  15-15.  Fault.  let the adrenaline run out.  Rally, such quick feet, 26 shots exchanged, fabulous tennis! Caroline nets, 15-30.  Serna runs Caroline back and forth, back and forth.  15-40. Double match point. Caroline hits long! 6-3, 6-3!

One hour and fifteen minutes.  Amazing what can be accomplished in that amount of time.

Serena wins!!! For the 6th time as the US Open champion! And third consecutive winner!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Serena also has now won her 18th Grand Slam, wow! Serena joins the esteemed Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova in the 18th grand Slam winner circle. Serena is gifted a 18 carat gold Tiffany bracelet to commemorate the moment and her achievement.

courtesy Al Bello/Getty Images

Serena is so happy, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Get every ball back," words of wisdom from Champion Serena Williams!

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