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Roger, Roger, Roger, need we ask more? You are the "Greatest of All Time" also known as the GOAT.  Everyone, except your opponents perhaps, want you to win this last grand slam of the year.  Roger has won 17 majors and is going for his 18th. He has won 5 US Open tournaments so far.

Here is Roger on Day 5 after winning an incredible US Open match Round 2 in three straight sets against legendary server Sam Groth~

photo courtesy Brooke Baranzano
Some quick stats~

Roger is a Leo, born August 8, in the year of our Lord 1981. A wonderful 1981 summer, as I was a newlywed 'still on my honeymoon' while Roger makes his first appearance to the world!

He is 6'1" and weighs 187 pounds. The weight seems a bit high, as he is very lean with each muscle group carefully calculated.

Here are Roger's Grand Slam singles results~

YearAustralian OpenRoland GarrosWimbledonUS Open

Looking at this superb activity, Roger knows the game. Period.

Record so far at the Open~

Roger has sailed through his matches, albeit not as easy as his numbers appear.  Against Groth, this exciting match tested Roger's game play against one of the fastest servers in the business, some of them up to 148 miles per hour.  Imagine that ball heading right at you!  Yet, Sam Groth is not perfect, and Roger capitalized on his own net play, and forcing errors from Groth while he was at net.

Round 3 tested Roger's match play in 4 sets against Spaniard Marcel Granollers.  Roger lost the first set, but then pulled out 3 sets in a a row at 6-1 each.  

Day 9 showed a tricky match against a player Roger had not played before, testing him on newness and resiliency.  He won in 3 straight sets against Spaniard Roberto Bautista Agut.

Day 11~ Roger is playing his quarterfinal against the very talented and entertaining Gael Monfils of France.

***** NEWS FLASH! *****

Roger Federer beats Gael Monfils in 5 sets!

What a nail biter, Roger is down 2 sets, takes the third, and Monfils has 2 match points in the 4th set!!

Oh my goodness, Roger is serving and saves the game, breaks Monfils, and wins the 4th set!!

This was all too much for a highly talented yet mere mortal when facing the Greatest Of All Time.

Roger takes the 5th set in 20 minutes at 6-2.

Match scores are 4-6, 3-6, 604, 7-5, 6-2.

Wow!  Some of the most frustrating, amazing, edge of your seat tennis I have witnessed in a very long time!

Roger and company are highly relieved.  His first serve was not working well till the 5th set, where he indeed showed his greatness. 

In fact, Roger's greatness showed when he saved those two match points.  Gael Monfils played them incredibly well, but Roger's tenacity and sincere overall belief in his destiny as a great player, kept him in the moment and believing that this game, set and ultimate match were his. And they are.

Gael Monfils fell into the all too easy trap of being hung up in the 4th set and 2 lost match points rather than focusing on the 5th set at hand.  Very human to do, and the "GOAT" capitalized on that all too human tendency and weakness. Gael, you played your heart out, we all see that you are a contender, we look forward to your artistry again!

                                 Meanwhile..., congratulations on your quarterfinal, Roger! 

photo courtesy of Ella Ling BPI/REX
Keep signing those autographs, Roger!!!!!

The Semifinal versus Marin Cilic~

Day 13 ~ This was a very tough day for Federer fans.  Roger lost in 3 straight sets to Marin Cilic. Marin, 6-3, 6-4, 6-4.  These numbers tell a story, but not the whole story. Cilic opens the first set, and just one solid break of Roger yields a win for Cilic at 6-3.  Roger had a few chances to hold on his serve, but Cilic was too dominant. 

Oh, well, on to the second set.  Not much better, but to Roger's advantage he opens the set.  I can tell he much prefers that opening, but still, not enough to hold back Cilic. The shots are just a bit off for Roger, so close to the lines but out.  Cilic keeps his in. Game after game.  he breaks Roger once again and takes the second set.

Could this be a copy of his Monfils match?  The crowd in New York is subdued, hard to watch this match at times, just not going Roger's way. Roger opens the third set. Thank goodness.  He even breaks Cilic  to lead at 2-0, but Cilic is too strong and consistent. There have been greta rallies here, some Roger won, he cornered Cilic and then would get to net to put away the shot with a backhand to opposite court, nice play, but still simply not enough to quiet Cilic and put him away.

Marin Cilic comes back at 1-2, then 2-2, then 3-2, and each player from there wins on his serve for Cilic to take the match.  Even on the last game with Cilic serving, he places 3 aces sailing circa 130 miles per hour at the perfect deep corners of the service box. Simply impossible to return.  His next serve faults, then his second serve is a bit less strong, yet Roger has a tough time, hits long, and there you have it. Fabulous serving on Cilic's part. A total of 15 aces to Roger's 12 aces.  No slouch here, Roger played great, just a few inches here and there and the outcome could have been different. Such is tennis, a winner and a loser.  Tennis can be as much a rewarding as a cruel game. But both players know this, Roger is a champion, and Marin Cilic is now positioned for his first Grand Slam. Good luck to you!

Roger, we look forward to your 18th slam, stay well and happy, and on to 2015 for the Australian Open, just one more, you can do this!!!

Here is a Youtube of Federer versus Cilic~

For more information on Roger's semifinal, click here for a Bleacher Report!

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