Friday, April 18, 2014


What is beauty? American company Dove rises to the occasion with a patch test! Dove rolls out its 'Campaign for Beauty,' and the results may astound you!

First of all, a small test group is given a patch to put on their arm, and was instructed the patch would enhance their self image. 

I saw 2 women interviewed on the Today Show, with psychologist Dr. Ann Kearney- Cooke a scholar of Columbia University, discussing the RB-X 'beauty' patch, beauty, and how beauty as a pursuit fits into our lives every waking, and I may add, non-waking moment.

We have heard of the 'pursuit of happiness' from our American Declaration of Independence, and authored by Thomas Jefferson, but I submit to you, the concept of the 'pursuit of beauty.'

Here is a Forbes Magazine article, entitled The Outrage at Dove's 'Patches' Advertisement is Outrageous, cites curent commentary, links. From a man's point of view :)

The end result of the study (warning~ spoiler moment here), and as said by the female participants, their personal discovery was that "beauty comes from within."

the reveal, courtesy of Dove
Yes, we have heard this statement many times before, but what makes this situation different is that a study is involved, a controlled scenario where the subjects are told one thing, that the patch makes them beautiful, but in fact there is nothing in or on the patch!  It is simply a patch.  

But truly, what a wild study! Here we have subterfuge (the women are duped, essentially), we have an end result of the women feeling 'beautiful' and even forgiving the ruse, because in essence, what matters most? They felt beautiful, were told by others of their beauty, so the subjects win, they get their wish, and the greatest gift of all, is that they know they can muster this beauty on call now, when they need to, who needs a patch now??

A very interesting study, actually, underscoring state of mind, and how we feel about ourselves, and also how others notice, the self image of projected inner confidence shows and is real.

The two girls on the show appear relaxed, confident, and in control of their lives.  They are soft spoken yet energetic, and curious.  And back to the ruse factor.  They were misled, lied to, yet it does not matter!  The inner beauty they found enwraps forgiveness at its core, they have learned restraint, compassion, understanding, and peace, all attributes that come from within.

Here is a YOutube with Dr. Anne and her subjects, 4 minutes of discovery~

These women are radiant, strong, and the story is about them and 'not the patch.' 

What a gift!

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