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NEW! Podcast with your publisher! Introducing Nerium age defying skincare. This international skincare company has developed a breakthrough skincare product, Nerium AD. Harness the power of Nerium's primary ingredients: Nerium oleander and Aloe barbadensis plants.

The Background~

Nerium's scientists have developed a breakthrough anti-aging process NBio-PL2, to derive the patented NAE-8 extract from the oleander and aloe plants.  

This extract is preservative free, paraben free, and also free of the following ingredients~ propylene glycol, sulfates, gluten, mineral oil, DEA, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, PABA, and synthetic color.

Nerium skincare comes in two products, a day cream and a night cream.  An eye cream is currently  in development.  The next product to be launched is a contouring cream, look for it this spring! 

For Day~

The Nerium AD day cream contains the NAE--8 extract, together with these important components~

  • A tripeptide blend, which smooths and tightens. Many high end luxury products on the market contain peptides, look for these on the labels.
  • Vitamin C complex, which is beneficial for healng, and reduce the appearance of discoloration.
  • Green Tea Antioxidant, which I love!  Green tea also reduces discoloration and wrinkles.
  • Four high functioning moisturizers, including hyaluronic acid for hydration and radiance. Hyaluronic acid is also in many brands on the market. It is effective.

There is no SPF in these products, not wanting to de-value the important science that Nerium has implemented.

For Night~

Nerium AD age defying treatment is used as a night cream.  it is highly concentrated and to apply, blend in the palm of your hands a small amount of the product, and mix with water while blending in the palm of your hand. The Nerium AD treatment contains-
  •  The highest amount of the NAE-8 antioxidant extract.
  •  A powerful proprietary protein blend
  • Vitamin E
These ingredients combined contribute to tighten the appearance of loose skin and wrinkles,  improve discoloration and diminish enlarged pores. In so doing, it addresses texture and tone for an overall youthful appearance.  

Application of Nerium AD night cream~ apply by pressing 4-5 pumps into your palm, and then applying to moist/damp skin after cleansing. 

Nerium in the news! The youngest company to be featured in Success from Home Magazine~

Nerium International Skincare

I am meeting with Nerium International Brand Partner Ms. Andrea Torf, who has a lot to say about this breakthrough skincare technology.

Here is our UP CLOSE, 6 minute podcast, learn all about Nerium!

You can find Nerium products on Andrea's website, click here for breakthrough product information, and here for much more on the science behind Nerium skincare.

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