Sunday, August 4, 2013


updated December 11, 2013

There are terrific Estee Lauder specials out there, here's one for $32.50 with ANY purchase!

at Nordstrom PWP!
Try this long lasting Vivid Color nail polish for $20, meets the 'ANY purchase' requirement!

at Nordstrom $20

At Neiman Marcus, a special Estee Lauder purchase, so pretty for the holidays!
at Neiman Marcus $125
For years I simply return to Estee Lauder beauty, the color selection remains superb and the seasonal  offers are totally tasteful to carry you way beyond the present, invest in Estee Lauder beauty and you invest in yourself!

For anytime of year, may we suggest the following looks ~

Nail color!

French Nudes!!
at Neiman Marcus $20 each
A great look for you~ layer a base coat, then one color coat only, then a top coat for shine, and there you now have an ultra sheer, easy on the go look that lasts, and lasts!  I have tried this simple technique while traveling, playing tennis, quality nail color that looks great for week!!

Or, for deeper color sure to get you noticed is ... (drum roll please) ~

 Metal Mania Collection by  Estee Lauder Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux~
at Neiman Marcus $20 each
AND, to go along with your best mascara, a favorite of mine is the duo eye liner which includes one refill~

at Neiman Marcus $26 each
Color that lasts all day, comes in black at Neiman Marcus. High definition! 

I have the deep blue Hayacinth Sky you can find at Macys or Bloomingdales!!

Keep these in mind for holiday gift shopping, enjoy!!

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