Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Already the magazines are on the stands, and what fall colors do we see for 2013?  How can each year roll by from year to year, and each time we strive to stay new and current with a unique look? Have the fashion and beauty publishers succeeded?

Kate Upton for ELLE
Red is a universal color, a true classic that makes everyone look good. 

Beauty Tip~ Wear RED when you are not feeling well or need attention.  Red makes your skin look healthy for all ethnicities and its bold presence will keep you focused and noticed! it is said in folklore that red protects you from negative forces, so stand your own ground and be your own force.

How about Jennifer Garner for Allure?

Jennifer for ALLURE
Jennifer is sporting neutrals for a soft September, she is so sweet and natural herself, perfect for a front cover. Take a good look at the color palette for her face, the pale pink lip sheen brings out the eyes as the main focal point. Her neutrality is her boldness, rock on, Jen!

Beauty Tip~ Use a deep eyeliner with brow definition for even more eye emphasis combined with a paler palette. Try the NARS cream compact, see below for details.


How about Vogue, Harpers Bazaar?  What is new there?

JENNIFER LAWRENCE, with bangs and long layers!

Jennifer for VOGUE
Vogue graces its title with RED, and Jennifer graces her image in, we know, neutrals! Jennifer has a sultry, haunting look here, her mystery is her allure, much in vogue.

Beauty Tip~ Her eyes are blending terra cotta with black liner, perfect for defining those baby blues! 

And, Bazaar? We have Victoria Beckham on the cover of Bazaar Singapore~

Victoria for BAZAAR
Victoria's look is sassy and bold.  No holds barred, she is driving us right into fall with deep plums and a direct glance.  Her look is  simple and sleek, her presence powerful and in the moment.

Beauty Tip~ With her hair pulled high and back with a neutral lip and lined slightly shaded eyes with definite brow, this constructed focal point leads you directly to the "windows of the soul," all Victoria. 

More color trends for fall?

Our favorite fall color is NARS Fall 2013 Color Collection, such a great look to usher in cooler weather and brave new plans~

"Find your own way, have an open spirit and believe in your beauty."
-Francois Nars

NARS Fall 2013 Color Collection
Here, Francois meshes red with gold, with eyes so bold and neutral brow. Hair up!

For EACH LOOK here, go BOLD, use NARS Eye Paint~

eye gel at NARS $25, lasts 18 hours

Beauty Tip~ For that smooth facial palette, I suggest the radiant cream compact foundation from NARS. Comes in a complete array of shades for all ethnicities. 

Take it with you anywhere, and put your best face forward!
NARS Santa Fe in medium 2 with peachy undertone $38

Radiant Cream Compact Foundation   

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