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source: Cote D'Azur
Cannes. 2013. All that glitters, may indeed be gold! It is a gift to have such splendor in May, a trip to look forward to, stateside or no.  So, what is Cannes all about?

Cote d'Azur has so much allure! Are the stars, the glitteratti, the producers, the wanna-bes, any different from days gone by?  Were the Stars so much more beautiful, more innocent than those of today? I cannot really say.  In the 1980s and 1990s, there were not many to choose from.  Even the 2000's.  But in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, there were natural beauties.  Joan Fontaine, Grace Kelly, Ursula Andress, Gene Tierney, Loretta Young, Carol Lombard, really so many beauties! 

In 1976 I visited Monaco, home of Philadelphia's Grace Kelly and her betrothed Prince Rainier. I even toured the palace, taking the French version, lasted about 45 minutes.  The inside was palace friendly with high ceilings and gilt upholstered armchairs fit for a princess, many tall paintings, however I found the outside to be overly plain and lacking statement.  The winding roads of Monaco were everything you would see in the film To Catch a Thief, and even though I was underage, 20 at the time, I was able to enter Le Grand Casino in Monte Carlo. No one bothered to check my passport! 

I have yet to visit Cannes, but this picture above clearly states the humanity, the largesse of the area, besides the multitude of boat slips that edge the shores of the Mediterranean. Must be a lot of diesel in those waters :)

The stars and fashions at Cannes 2013~

Love the photo of Sharon Stone, at 55 she is gorgeous, strong and so happy to be there! Sharon really looks no more than 22 in this picture, I love it!

Click here for a great link to Astaire Magazine, the 10 Most Beautiful Women at Cannes.

Admire this stunning headpiece, each culture has its unique beauty, a guest from India wearing a maang tika~

source: IBNLive
Psy look a like, or Psy?? YOU decide~

source; Hollywood Reporter

And of course, The Great Gatsby! Must not shy away from the excess of the lifestyle~

source: JustJared
Carey Mulligan's dress evokes a particular era, the era of simple beauty, of satin and of little lace.  Her train is exquisite, a suggestion of quiet royalty, where the lovely beauty who carries it must stand tall and relax in the same manner; Carey pulls it off spectacularly.

And of course, what will YOU be wearing at Cannes this year?

I cannot resist, try this mesh diamond bracelet in 18K white gold, wear separately or together with matching necklace, with Carey's satin dress would be nice, or pair with halter gold sheath from the Editeur!

at Blue Nile Statement 18K Gold Mesh bracelet $40,500

AND, the very best of Blue Nile, the extraordinary diamond mesh necklace in 18K white gold from Blue Nile, very art deco, create your very own Great Gatsby~

at Blue Nile
Statement 18K Gold Mesh necklace

Pair up these two pieces with a simple Tiffany ring, from The Great Gatsby Collection, in platinum (of course) with diamonds and sapphires~

at Tiffany

Enjoy the show, Fashionistas, Gatsby lovers, and all those who make things happen!

Drum roll please! 

And the Palme D'Or (Golden Palm) Award goes to... Blue is the Warmest Color

CLICK here for the link, enjoy the show!!

And so concludes the Cannes Film Festival, 26 May 2013.

Recommended reading: If you could not get to the festival this year, experience this great read from Paulo Coelho, author of best seller The Alchemist, you will get a different spin of the Cannes Film Festival from his book The Winner Stands Alone, a thriller with a 'superclass' twist~
by Paulo Coelho
at Amazon

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