Sunday, May 19, 2013


For every tennis match, there is a winner and a loser. Tough this game is. No matter how you try to get around the big white elephant in the room, the suspense of who will win the next shot, ultimately a single shot does not matter because it does not determine who will win and who will lose the match. Such is the challenge. As players we know this from the start, try to make shots and points, but no matter how you try, and how well those shots are executed, there is a winner and a loser. The big white elephant. Tough game.

In tennis terms, what does 'winner' mean? A 'winner' is an impossible shot to defend. The shot is executed with perfection, intelligence and pinpoint accuracy.

Here is a wonderful shot of Novak Djokovic, before a match in Rome at the Italian Open this past Friday, totally pumped and ready to go for a match against Tomas Berdych~

Source: FaceBook
Novak was so energized with the children, look at his body posture, his attention, his attentiveness. He is so happy to be in Rome and playing as a champion of tennis.

BUT, oh well, you may know by now that our number 1 player in the world, Djokovic, succumbed to Berdych in 3 sets, 2-6, 7-5, 6-4.  Novak is not so happy this day on clay, got to get ready for Roland Garros coming up in less than 9 days!

Regardless of the upset, Novak is a winner in my book, he knows how to pace himself, learn from defeat, and rest up~

Source: FaceBook
From Novak: A bit weird match for me yesterday. I wish i've used my chances better, but I didn't and Tomas is now in semis. Congrats to him. I'm already back home regrouping my strength and energy for RG. On the positive note, i'll have more time to prepare :)

So, for each winner there is a loser.  It keeps the champions humble so when the big slams are upon us they focus completely. They choose their battles.

Arrivederci Roma, bonjour Paris !! 

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