Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Be beauty fit with this REN Clean Skincare plumping emulsion, that stays with you!  So effective, so pure and natural, you will want to apply this product every day, jump in with this "splashmask!'

 Dive deep and experience the results!

The REN Flash Hydro-Boost!
The Flash Hydro-Boost is used alone or under your skincare and makeup, you decide!  

It is engineered to give you instant smoothing, hydration, and 'plumping' of the skin! *

Flash Hydro-Boost works as a water-activated hydration treatment that prevents the ageing effects of dehydration. 

This product uniquely enhances the skin’s ability to capture, circulate and lock in moisture.

* Through these simple hydration effects, a multitude of skin issues can be exacerbated, as in minimizing crepe-like skin texture, puffiness and ensuing shadows, skin sag due to water loss. Ugh! Help!!

Flash Hydro-Boost has the beneficial effects of a mask without the time and hassle :) 

Paraben free, of course! 

Here is how to apply, three easy steps~

 So easy!

NOW, let me challenge YOU!

Okay, let's do this!

Here are my before shots, DAY 1 (no makeup except for eyes and lip color)

Front face, hello there!

 My face is cleansed with REN T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel, love this stuff! Cleans deep and maintains my ph balance.

Side angle

 Below are my after shots, Day 1, after 1 minute of using the Flash Hydro-Boost

front face

 side angle

My skin definitely felt tighter and enriched, I would say the neck area around the jaw line is better, my cheeks are tighter too, but I still need work around the eye area. 

Let's look for that improvement in the next 7 days.

Anyone with me? 

 Here's the product Flash Hydro-Boost at REN Clean Skincare~
NEW! A water-activated hydration booster designed to work in harmony with the skin, to ... [More]
Price: $42.00
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AND, for the skin cleansing beforehand~
Clarimatte™ T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel
A purifying, antibacterial cleansing gel for skin that is prone to oiliness and breakou... [More]
Price: $28.00
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Try today, and post your experience in the Comments section!

Happy skincare beauty with REN, enjoy!

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