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updated March 3, 2015

I have been wanting to write a post on lip balm, what are the safe products in the marketplace, and how to make your own recipe for quite some time, and here it is!  Thank you to my daughter for the input data here, who is aghast at the ingredients we put directly on our lips and therefore into our mouths. Think about it, whatever you put on your lips will enter the mouth, so please stay healthy, well and beautiful with these beauty tips!

That very well known component, lead, is a huge culprit in the manufacturing of lip balm. Yes, we have certainly heard of the woes of lead paint, so, figure that same lead is ingested through your oh so innocent lip balm!  Here is a quite informative article my daughter sent, sourced from her favorite health club Equinox, a leader in wellness that focuses on the whole person, not simply a gym membership!

photo courtesy of Equinox
Who wants to eat lead?  There ARE some good brands out there, a line that my girls have tried is Alba, created by beauty Jessica Alba, who wrote the quite informative book you can find at Amazon entitled, The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You.  

At Amazon: The Honest Life
Jessica Alba's book has real life application for a healthy YOU!

My own young millennials are excited by the simplicity and quality of Jessica's lip balm, Alba Botanical Natural Hawaiian Lip Gloss~
Alba Botanical $4.99
You can find Alba Organics at high quality drugstores.

According to Kelly Teegarden, a stage III thyroid cancer survivor, using lip gloss "should be a no-risk situation."  From West Hills, California, Kelly makes her own line at Kelly Teegarden Organics. You can find Kelly's products at Whole Foods, Encore and Beauty Sage.

Another good website with recipes too, go ahead and make your own!, is Purelementnaturals skincare for the soul.

All you need for your very own concoction from Purelementnaturals is beeswax, organic shea butter and argan oil, castor oil, vitamin E, sweet orange essential oil, and vanilla stevia.  

Where to find these raw ingredients?  Vitamin E can be found in any drugstore, and the other ingredients can be found in American specialty supermarkets such as Whole Foods.  If in Europe I would suggest any high end pharmacy or natural foods source.  Usually in these markets specialty items are sold a la carte, so you will have to shop around. And please read the labels to be sure there are not any additives!

A great website that has links for 'what's in your products,' is the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.  You will discover legislation, regulation, and current safety measures implemented by your favorite brands such as Johnson & Johnson in the news!

Another interesting link to make your own recipe is The Personal Formulator. There is a lot of great information out there, but I must say, I DO love my luxury brands of Lancome, Clarins, Estee Lauder, and my new discovery Algenist.  So, I say, make your own, and also splurge once in a while and stick to your old favorites as well. 

AND, be sure to read those labels!!!

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