Saturday, December 29, 2012


It is time!!
The New Year is upon us!  

Do you have your beauty/fitness resolutions made? I will "have and maintain a strong core." Tough but not impossible! One day at a time, not to lose focus and consider the  body as an entirety, where one function influences and impacts on another. A strong core helps the body + the mind, practice, practice!!

How about the year in review, you see this every year, but is it a useful tool?  To a point, but it is more worthwhile to put your sights ahead, make those plans!  Each present moment encompasses eternity, discover the wonder, the possibility!

Snow falls and keeps us indoors, we are supposed to appreciate the small, precious time capsule of winter.  It so reminds me of the Middle Ages, where kings and queens ruled in red velvets, where they wore large topaz, and commanded in ruby and emerald gold crowns. Royalty is serene; their subjects so proud. The land is resplendent  with bounty and lore.

So be optimistic! With realism as your every day, make your plan for 2013, it is here, it is nigh! 

And, be sure to keep a tray of champagne flutes handy, any style will do, be ready!  

A toast!  Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!! ("Rabbit, rabbit!"~ said for good luck!)

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