Saturday, December 22, 2012


To my Readers,

Christmas comes but once a year, so magical, so bright, so merry and right!  Are you ready, are you set?  Take some time for yourself, our season is especially a time to contemplate and appreciate those around you near and far. Share some kisses, give some hugs!

The cards are sent, but always a last one, and with good cheer we profess this is the last!  But yet another arrives, so dear, and into the post we deliver another, and yet another.  Cards are little gifts to those we hold dear in our hearts yet distance has kept us apart, how we relish those little gifts in the mail!

And the tree, yuletide in our midst! Lights galore, that blink at first then alter their own rhythm to speak a secret language. Be merry, be bright!!

The march to Christmas, always a long stride,  just about here, simply so near!

Goodness prevails! Give love and set your sails for purity of heart, lend good cheer to ALL you hold dear.

Be merry, shed light, star so bright!

Merry Christmas!

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