Dear Readers,

Every day I just love coming to my site and seeing what is new out there to share with YOU, my Readers!! I have finally created a site originating from friends and associates asking me for beauty advice, so it is here!

Over the years, I have learned to acknowledge each day as a special gift. I enjoy helping others, and my mission is to contribute what I can, keep learning, and appreciate each step along the way, no matter the circumstance. 

Life has its challenges, and I have learned that storms will pass, and how you behave and interact within those storms will define your character once those gray clouds are gone. Try your best, be a good person, know when to pull back and when to be active, and always be considerate of others. 

Combining fitness with beauty is the theme here at FIT BEAUTY and YOU. Inner beauty and strength will manifest outwardly given enough consistent practice and time invested. To reach this goal, I choose the sport of tennis as my beauty platform, and all the discipline entails. 

I have been a tennis player since the age of 12, at such time in the summer of 1968 I personally met Arthur Ashe, a month before he won the inaugural US Open in Forest Hills, NY.  I did not realize it at the time, but it was a pivotal moment in tennis history being the start of the "open era." Please see Levels of the Game on the match and the era.

I have played on teams and leagues as the sport evolved, and took a few hiatuses besides. But I consistently return to this wonderful game, and pledge to make it my focus for many years to come. Currently I am a registered USTA 3.5 singles player, looking every moment to improve my game!!

Bringing out the best in people has been a recurring interest of mine, and I have taught elementary, middle and high school levels while my children were growing up. Along the way, I created children's book characters the Bunny Cousins®, and wrote and illustrated the book Sea Breezes, Salt Air, using the pen name C. Avery Brookes. It was a wonderful journey, and still unfolding.

Fueling my interest in athletics and motivating others, I am the great grand-daughter of double Olympic Gold medalist Lewis Calvin Abell, coxswain of the 1900 and 1904 illustrious Paris Eight rowers from Philadelphia Vesper Boathouse. The year 1900 premiered the first Olympics rowing regatta event and the fame further extended to John B. Kelly, Sr., father of Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco, himself a multiple Olympic Gold medalist and mentee of  Coach Abell at Vesper Boat Club.

I am also a descendant of the Baltimore, Maryland Abell Family, who founded in 1837 one of the first penny newspapers in America, The Sun (The A.S. Abell Company, Publisher), the other two papers of the time period being The New York Sun and the Philadelphia Public Ledger. Perhaps that is why blogging is so appealing to me??

The beauty industry has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl.  I have had an interest in art and the contours of the face, and how these pieces fit together to create the person. After college I was a consultant for Calvin Klein, Halston, and Ultima II Revlon. I also worked as a commercial model representing several Fortune 100 companies and appeared in the 1987 romantic comedy Mannequin!

In conjunction with my artistic endeavors, I learned as much as I could about the various aspects of business working in law and in real estate brokerage, later returning to university when my children were in high school to earn an MBA degree.

No matter what you choose to do in life, the overarching theme here is to find something that you truly love, that you can do every day even if in a very small way. There may be several paths, which is okay. Your efforts will eventually become your definition, your roadmap to help others find their direction in life as well as develop YOU to your fullest potential.

And finally, I hope you enjoy this site. You will see the content of my Blog includes links to websites and ads for products that have been specifically chosen and researched by me and my close associations. Please rest assured the suggested links and advice given herewith are true to this author and are an integral part of your FIT BEAUTY and YOU experience.

I appreciate all your comments, and invite you to partake in the content of the blog. Please be advised, however, that comments will only be posted if they do not have a website attached. I cannot endorse unknown websites that may be in conflict with my affiliates and have not been researched at length.

Many thanks for your participating as my audience, commentators, and active Readers. 

I am so pleased to share my posts with you, on and off the tennis court! :)

Yours truly,


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