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The January birthstone, garnet, traditional gemstone it is. The garnet actually comes in every color of the spectrum, including the color change blue garnet, which is very rare. The garnet is widely known as the deep red/purple/brown shade of pomegranate, even the word root of garnet is derived from the Latin granatum malum which means pomegranate:

"By her who is this month was born
No gem save garnets shall be worn

They will ensure her constancy
   True friendship and fidelity."

     -a very old poem

The garnet has also been known to have healing properties to stave off inflammation of the skin, plus provide heart protection and the regulation of blood flow. Who really knows if this connection between the geology and the human is truly apparent, but for these connective traits to continue through the ages does have merit as they are lasting representations of what is possible, and that congruity has meaning in and of itself.

I just love rings!  This wine colored oval cut ring looks great with fashionable golds, blues and reds!!

                                                               At Blue Nile~

Garnet and diamond ring in 18K white gold $1,450 US

This so pretty garnet from Blue Nile can easily be worn with shades of red, brown, purple, or neutral shades of gray, black, gold and cream. Even with silver to accent the white gold band!

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And, the red garnet mineral counterpart, love this pyrope~

AND,  a personal favorite is the Tsavorite GREEN, too!

Green garnets look great with any neutral nail color.  And, to appreciate its brightness and make a full beauty statement, I'd pair it with a cream or very black fashion ensemble.
  Is it not just so wonderful these gemstones come in such different shades? Who knew?

Enjoy, and Happy Birthday, January babies!

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