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So exciting! Here we are at the women's final at the 2016 Australian Open! We have a left-handed powerful German Angelique Kerber ranked number 7 in the world, versus world number one, we know, Serena Williams.

Angelique Kerber is 28 years old, from Germany, and is 5'8''. This proves you do not have to be a giant to excel in tennis! Serena is 34 years old and 5'9''. This proves you can be over the age of 30 and excel at tennis!


Already Angelique Kerber is winning in the first set 3-1, and Serena has made double digits in errors.  Kerber almost lost a match earlier on in the Australian Open but turned around a match point to win~ Chrissy Evert commentates that this momentum leads to a more confident, relaxed showing in this final for Kerber.

Kerber gets tight and is not making her first serves, but boy is she hitting to give Serena a run for her money! Another fault, we are at 3-2 right now. Oh no! 3-3 now.  Serena has a great chance to run away with this set now. Can she do it?

Of course I favor Angelique Kerber, as a lefty and coming from a similar gene pool! Lefties think differently, but with practice we can understand and mimic the right handed way of life and perspective as well.  

Kerber is continuously attacking. "Serena is trying to get her feet going, to cut cut off the angles and is taking the ball earlier," says Commentator Pam Shriver. Great  commentating here all around.  Break point for Kerber! So tight here! Serena has an unforced error at the net! Break for Kerber, 4-3 for Angelique!

I really think Serena is having a tough time playing against a lefty.  I do not like playing against lefties either, and I am a lefty! 

Another error of Serena's at net, she is overly aggressive and has trouble hitting neutral balls, I can remember this tactic of Angelique's for my own matches! 40-15  Kerber. Another Serena error. Kerber only needs to be consistent to stay with her solid conservative game plan. 

Another over-hit from Serena. 0-15 now at 3-5.  Stress. Fault. Kerber definitely has the momentum but Serena screams as she wins the point. Serena is exhibiting a full volume of emotion. She is now battling hard and getting a few points in now.  I know, it is tough out there, for everyone. 40-15.  Serena hits long, Kerber is getting everything back, great legs!!  40-30. Fault, definitely nerves here. Ultimately, game Williams, 4-5. But not enough.

Kerber wins handily to take the first set! 6-4.


Serena is back! Not much to say, she bulldozes her way back to lead at 5-2.  

Now Kerber wins her serve to stay in the game, 3-5 Kerber. Her forehand down the line is Kerber's favorite shot. You have to have a favorite shot in tennis, what is yours?

Serena is leading 15-0, 5-3 now.  A very quick second set! A double fault. More nerves. It is so hard to close out a set.  Ace!  Practice those serves on your off time :) They come in handy when you need them most.  Fault.  Second serve 95 miles per hour to the T. Kerber hits long. Fault. 40-15. Wow, solid tennis on Serena's part even though her first serves are not working today, now a heavy second serve to Kerber, Kerber hits to the net.

Second set to Serena! 6-3.


Kerber opens the service game, always a good omen. You always want to serve first, Roger Federer certainly knows that, he will mostly win the set if he opens serving. Let's see how Angelique Kerber does...

Both players stay on serve, both fighting, the crowd roars, this is a great match!  I do not think this scenario is what Serena has bargained for, and although she is trying to hide her emotions at this point, I sense by her body language she is nonplussed.  In other words, not quite sure what to do.  Left handers have this innate ability to upset even the most stable of opponents.  Kerber's racquet strings~ gut strings in the mains, poly strings in the cross.  It gives her depth to her shots!  I think I may do this for spring tennis.  This string construction affords greater depth to the shots.

A tough game here for Serena~ Serena is serving now at 2-3. Still behind, that is why it is more advantageous to serve first, you get an extra chance in the set if you have a break.  15-15, loud sound from Serena, Kerber is quiet.  Throughout the match in fact.  Serena blasts a great wide serve, Kerber returns cross court and Serena races to the net and hits herself with the racquet, 15-30 now.  15-40, Serena nets and is on her knees.  Fault.  Oh my gosh, what a point! Back and forth cross court, running, great defense with Kerber and her strong legs that get her there, 30-40.  Ace! Wide in the box. Deuce now. Practice those serves, they will get you out of a jam!  Wow, tricky tennis, Kerber delivers! Kerber looks at the ball on the strings as she hits it. She knows where it is going.  AD out, now Serena is back, deuce again.  The trophy is waiting, right there in the corner....  AD Williams!  120 mile per hour serve.  Nice.. okay Kerber defends with a backhand slice drop shot.  Great disguise.  Deuce.  Fault. Double fault. nerves.  It is tough out there! Fault. Great serve to the T, a few shots, Kerber nets.  Deuce.  Another serve to the T, Kerber nets.  Aim to the backhand, it 'rushes' lefty here.  Serena wants this game. Kerber does too! Kerber responds with another backhand drop shot, deuce again. An 'instinctive' shot says Commentator Chrissy Evert.  Fault. Double fault.  This is such a tough game.  AD to Kerber.  Serena plays to Kerber's backhand, but then Serena responds with a forehand to the AD corner but hits long.  So hard, incredible calm on Kerber's part. Game Kerber.

Kerber serves at 4-2.  15-0. Fault. A big rally, Serena is attacking Kerber's backhand, but surprise, lefties like backhands! 30-0. Ace! 40-0. Practice those serves...! Kerber now holds at love to the game and Kerber now leads the set at 5-3. The trophy in the corner beckons.

Serena serves.  Fault, double fault. 0-15, fault again. Banter back and forth, Serena takes the point deeply cornering Kerber then hitting to her backhand down the line in the deuce court.  30-15 now, another cornering and coming to the net for a put away.  30-15.  Serena definitely attacking her backhand as serving.  So many changes in direction, Kerber does not want the backhand deep shot, she changes the direction to favor her forehand.  30-30.  Ace! Love those serves! 40-30. They can get you out of a jam and into a lead at the same time.  Lucky shot for Serena, Kerber's ball falls back from the net, game Serena!

Kerber serves at 5-3 for the set and match.  0-15.  Play the point, don't get tight! So hard, 0-30.  Kerber hits a short ball and Serena over hits, 15-30. A chance. Now 15-40, cross court balls.  2 break points now.  Nice serve to Serena's backhand, nets, 30-40.  Another chance to catch up and bring the game to deuce. Going for a slice serve, but Serena responds favorably, breaks Kerber!  4-5, Serena, catching up!

Serena serves now. Fault. Kerber gets the point with Serena netting it.  0-15.  Serena nets again, Kerber is taking the ball earlier. Smart. 0-30.  Ace! Those serves come in handy... 15-30. Such great tennis! A nice long rally, 30-30 now.  Fault serve to the T.  Great cross court rally, Serena closes with the short sitter ball and hits it down the line, 40-30.  Fault.  Kerber responds to a neutral serve down the line and Serena nets.  Deuce!  Fault.  Great cross court and Kerber changes direction to take the point.  AD out!  Serena serves, a few shots back and forth, and low and behold, Serena is at net and hits the ball long! Kerber is stunned, happy and on the ground! Game, set, match, championship to Angelique Kerber!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS! Angelique, you played with beauty, strength and resolve.  You played smart.  And Serena, you played as well as you could, and hung in there against a worthy opponent.  'Any given day,' as  they say, even for champions, and you are a champion.  But today, today is Angelique's day.

What an amazing sport tennis is! Get out there everyone and practice those serves, they sure come in handy when you need them most!


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