Sunday, January 31, 2016


Here we are, at the men's final at the Australian Open 2016! How quickly the time flies, only two weeks, such power and aplomb to get these champions here today.

Like a boxing ring, you have in the one corner world number 1 Novak Djokovic, vying for his 6th win at the Australian Open and hoping to tie former tennis star Roy Emerson who won 6 Australian Open titles. In the other corner, we have Andy Murray, world number 2, hoping to dethrone his nemesis Djokovic.

The crowd is psyched, but only to discover they may not get much of a match after all.  Rumor has it that Andy Murray was up late the night before till 1:00 AM Australian time, taking pictures of his brother winning the title for men's doubles.  Very nice family affair, but Andy has a match in the morning!


Not much happens here, Novak wins steadily while Andy has to clear the fog in his head to get on the board with a few wins. Novak is simply getting the ball back, finding his neutral zone, and coasting along while Andy struggles to win a point or two. This court behavior is not what the crowd anticipated, but then, men's tennis can persist for hours, so let us see, eh?

Novak Djokovic wins the first set at 6-1. Same score as against Roger Federer, too. I wonder what Novak is thinking right now?

SET 2 

Now we have some tennis happening.

 Novak takes the second set in a close score of 7-5, whew!

 Here is a YOUtube of the match highlights, Set 2 appears at the 4 minute mark (I hope it opens in your browser)~


This set is where Andy wakes up, but he loses in a set tiebreaker. Tough going, Novak persists at 7-6 (3).

Novak wins!   

I am sure the crowd was digging in for more match play, but you never know. Today was simply Novak's day.       

And Andy Murray has a baby on the way, soon? Imminent! Best to you, Andy, you have a few things on your mind.  

Click here for some terrific photos of the match!

Here are the overall Keys to the Match per the official Australian Open website, you decide~


Novak Djokovic goals met based on strengths
1.  Win more than 63% of medium rallies.      ❌
result: meets just less than 63%
2.  Win more than 64% of 2nd serve return points.  ☑️
result: meets 64%
3.  Win more than 68% of points on 1st serve.         ☑️
                             result: meets 68%
Andy Murray goals met based on strengths
1.  Win more than 42% of 1st serve return points.   ❌
 result: meets less than 42%
2.  Win between 67 and 86 of winners on the forehand side.  ❌
result: meets less than 67
3.  Have an average 1st serve speed of less than 111.0.    ❌
                               result: meets over the 111.0

Look at these simple keys and what they tell us.  Simply put, even missing your marked goal by a few percentages can make or break your match. Know your game. "To thine own self, be true." (William Shakespeare)
Discipline is key here, and Novak has it. Period.  As Andy has great talent, and Novak does too, what created the winner in today's championship was the discipline to know thy strengths and execute correctly.  Each player knew his strength, and Novak executed better. Novak delivers. 
Novak Djokovic takes home the trophy, CONGRATULATIONS, Novak!

Source: AP photo Andrew Brownbill

Anyone want to learn Novak Djokovic's discipline? How he got to where he is today? No secrets, we can live like Novak each day if we want to, read on!

I am reading for the second time his autobiography, Serve To Win. Novak tells us his past as a boy in war torn Serbia, how he has overcome his breathing issues while on court, and how implementing a gluten free lifestyle has saved his health and his career to be world number 1 in tennis. A must read, for everyone!

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