Wednesday, May 20, 2015


May is a month filled with graduations! June is a month for the blushing bride. Yes, the flowers are in bloom, the bees are buzzing, and daylight has extended from the dark hours of winter to bright skies, even at 8 o'clock at night!

Just this morning the birds are noisy and excited, they know that certain events are yet to happen, they anticipate with such song and glee the beginnings of our day.

And so the month of May progresses, until, yes, the march to graduation.  Students are getting prepared, colleges set up their banners, and after long hours and hard work, the mind has opened up to new beginnings, new vistas. 

My advice? Always go to your graduation, and always have a wedding! Both of these wonderful events are replete with unity, they bring together the past, present and future, all in one package, one moment forever lasting in your memory. And best of all you share these moments with all those participating. These are happy moments, and are an example of the best of humanity.

Graduations are a part of a large community of scholars, students, teachers, mentors, speakers and experts.  They are embodiments of experience.  What the classroom does not teach, the visiting speaker will bring. And we, the listeners, the ones so eager to learn, we must be attentive, that is our job, our gift from all the happenings surrounding us.

Weddings are a gift as well. Our commitment to one another. The ceremony is important, be sure to experience this necessary part of our way of saying, I love you. The gathering of friends and family, no matter how large or small, becomes serene and in its simplicity will emit a holiness to the blessed never to be forgotten. Such is the sacrament of marriage.

And know too that weddings do not have to be a circus, an advertisement of privilege or excess.  A wedding is the joining of two loving people committed to each other for now and the future, no matter the circumstance, no matter the challenge. 

In fact, graduations and weddings can very well be synonymous. After all, once we enter marriage through the threshold of the wedding ceremony, we graduate to a new level, a new life differing from whence we came.

Both graduations and weddings serve as vehicles of change. They also tell us the we are ready. The graduation and wedding ceremony are powerful symbols, they show us the possibilities of life, of what can be accomplished and created anew.

In fact, both graduations and weddings share the same attributes. They are both like the rainbow, unifying the old with the new~

A rainbow

 So as you partake of the fullness of this time of year, breathe deeply and savor the aroma of May flowers, of June pinks, yellows and whites.

Be beautiful in that cap and gown. Stand tall!

Be lovely and demure in your wedding white. Be a queen!


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