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Is this possible, gladiators that are gluten free?  My goodness, and I thought Italians liked pasta! Seriously, folks, there is something to the banter in the news lately that the Roman gladiators ate beans, vegetables, and took supplements for calcium and magnesium to build and maintain muscle and bone strength.

Firstly, let us take a bird's eye view of yesteryear.  Below is a photo from my second year Latin book, yes, entitled Second Year Latin, and therein I found this photo of the ancient ruins and Roman Colosseum.  

Imagine walking through those gates, you, the spectator, waiting to see the day's events.  Just like a spectator sport in today's world, a tennis match, a ball game, the arena and excitement of anticipation span generations, centuries; human nature does not change all that much.

Source: Second Year Latin, entry Roman Collosseum
So there it is, a mere remnant that holds so much commotion of a life style perhaps still happening on another plane of existence, but in our time zone it remains a mere shadow.

BUT, not so fast, no need to discard history. Right when we think we have the answers, science itself trudges on to give us greater data, better understanding.  A recent report discusses the bone testing of a sampling of these gladiators.

Yes, tests have shown that these warriors, these entertainers of life and death were lean machines. Here is a quite informative USA Today news article on the findings, apparently barley was a staple for them as well as the beans.

Let's talk about barley for a minute.  I  aways loved chicken and beef barley soup as a young girl, I have it less these days, but after reading up on these gladiators it may be a good time to brew up some home made soup.  Barley is not gluten free, I suppose there can be exceptions to the gladiator gluten free food plan, but this grain has constantly satiated and satisfied a healthy appetite of mine on cold winter days.  

Skincare and beauty specialist Dr. Nicholas Perricone calls barley his number 3 Super Food.

And, click here for Types of Barley, not all barleys are the same!

A Word of Caution~ Barley is not recommended for those with celiac disease. Barley is a whole grain and not gluten free. Click here for an informative link about celiac disease and gluten and barley sensitivity.

Back to the gluten free part of this article. Gluten refers to wheat and wheat by-products.  Simply put, it creates a type of plaque in the body and system, that over time can create inflammation and a myriad of disorders if you are so prone. Even a standard eye exam can show presented plaque and cholesterol in the tiny veins of your eyes, so beware!

I love this illustration of Roman gladiators~

photo courtesy Getty Images
They are lean and focused!  Imagine this while playing tennis, you too can get out there and be your best whether dueling at the net or pounding shots from the baseline.

So, perhaps gladiators that are gluten free with the exception of barley, but definitely bean eaters, and consumers of calcium and magnesium for muscle and bone strength.

We can do all the above too!  A bit of motivation, better health habits, and no need to worry about binge tendencies on chocolate, candy, anything detrimental to overall health.  

Beans, especially for me white beans, eaten at lunch, drained and seasoned with a bit of pepper will eliminate cravings later on in the day.  Why? Because the fiber in the white bean fills you up!  It is that simple. The Phillies baseball team eats white beans, a lot. Try it.

And, I want to share another link with you on family physician and board certified Joel Fuhrman, M.D., a "nutritarian" and proponent of good health. He coined the word G-Bombs, an acronym for greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds.  That is it, the total health diet.

You can find informative Youtube interviews of Joel's health formula, especially his  "3 foods you should eat every day."

Another life-changing website is that of cardiologist Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly that you can found on Amazon. Click here for quite informative and eye opening data on gluten free ingredients and how they can be even more harmful than gluten!

And yes, tennis must fit in here somewhere.  You know tennis gladiator Novak Djokovic.  You can find his biography and gluten free lifestyle and recipes at Amazon, Serve To Win~

Serve to Win: The 14 Day Gluten Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence

Enjoy, fellow gladiators, you too can become the most of who you already are!

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