Monday, September 22, 2014


Here we are, at the final day of summer! Can you believe it, after that terribly long winter of 2014, and then rescue, summer!

Alas, on September 22nd at 10: 29 PM EST summer according to our calendar is officially done. Fini. Over! The autumnal equinox is here, where the sun is in direct alignment with the equator at that specific time.  And then, time marches forward some more.  

A sunny day here, and tennis soon. Work this morning, so a definite break is certainly welcome!  

But let us get back to the end of summer.  You can see the resort areas close down, day by day, shop by shop, one by one.  Not as many cars, less honking horns, and at the beaches the Atlantic Ocean is finally warm at 75 degrees!  So why leave now?  Sounds silly, really, but I think summertime should be extended into the first week of October. On our eastern seaboard, the leaves are drying out but not yet falling.  Hence the term, Fall.  

What have we learned this summer?  I for one have learned that the summer can be short, so busy this time of year, and not enough days for me in this season.  I learned that the heat of summer is relative, and so is the intensity of bugs, mosquitoes, all those nasty little varmints that can hijack a good time.  So, what did I do?  I wore long pants most of this summer (when not out on a tennis court) and discovered that I could still stay cool if I was outdoors after 5 PM even while wearing light weight fitted ankle pants, and the summer season began to feel more eternal, not finite.  When you wear similar clothes throughout the year, suddenly restrictions disappear, you can think longer, simpler. 

It is certainly advantageous to relax the mind, and summer is a good time to do that.  perhaps  we get too wound up in the jugular of our lives; it is good to step back and "enjoy the view."

Regardless, last days also suggest new, beginning days. Watch those around you.  Especially if on a sidewalk.  Let me know if you see a jaunty step, a high head, a quick smile from someone who has big plans in the offing.

Autumn and fall is the final last lap of the calendar year, and entrance to winter and deep speculation and doleful short days with the promise, somewhere, that a new spring will dawn in all its glory after the new year.  

But let us not get ahead of ourselves. Today, is still summer!  So, I am getting outside on a tennis court, play singles, work on my split step, so that yes, when USTA spring tennis rolls around, I will be ahead of the curve and play well for my team.

The sun is shining, be thankful for your blessing of everyday life, and as our days get shorter may our appreciation for all that is good last long in our lives.

Get out today, and celebrate summer! You too may find your pot of gold!

the final throes of summer, slide down your rainbow!

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