Friday, August 15, 2014


What a wonderful surprise to visit with nieces and nephews this week! Children in our lives is so important, I had no idea how much I missed these little people in our midst!

Where to begin? An impromptu visit, and ready hugs all around. There is nothing like family to give us strength and perspective in this great big world of ours!  In fact, one nephew asked what I like to do, besides being a Mom, and after thinking quite  carefully, I said to his inquiring face and wide eyes, waiting patiently for a reply, that I like to write and play tennis. There, that summed up my life perfectly, and then he pursued, will you write about us? Our visit? Of course I replied, thinking of my readers and how children in our lives brings such beauty.

For privacy, I will not list names, but will instead describe the joy and fun we all had with our 5 hour visit together! The togetherness is what struck me the most.  I had met the oldest child circa 6 years ago, and only through pictures had I seen the younger 2 children.  Such is the issue of modern society today, long distance, careers, responsibilities to older family and immediate tasks, the list is endless.  So, finally, we get together!  Of course with promises, and more hugs, that we will visit one another again, soon

Their very attentive, loving mother chooses historical sites to visit and learn from, a perfect choice for children of all ages.  On a hot summer's day, we sat on the steps at Independence Hall in Philadelphia and exchanged gifts.  I was given a quite delicious bakery good, it was perfect as a late afternoon dessert. Then, I had small books tucked in patriotic red, white and blue bags themed for each child. A One Direction biography for the middle child, who likes music as his dad, a book on Irish castles myth and lore to the older nephew in remembrance of our first meeting at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and a "little book of cheer," for my little niece, mirroring a similar book given to me from my aunt, with art and birds and poems for daily inspiration and delight. We laughed, goofed, took pictures, and then stood in our line to witness and experience a tour on the founding of our country.

I am sure these children know more than I do about American history, it was so relaxing to stand in a group, with yes! my family, taking more pictures  inside, children trying their best not to make funny faces while Mom gets her serious picture taken for later review and discussion. The passage of time here is clear, and with a wistful feeling of combined relief, completion and longing for a time I lived with my own children some 20 years ago, I became the experienced aunt and my nieces and nephews the younger cohorts of a new generation.

My husband met up with us for dinner, and in our corner we drew pictures, surfed our iphones for more pictures, took selfies of course, thumped our backs in body massage (it was an outdoor restaurant). and laughed and laughed some more.

The beauty here is the automatic love that is there for us. Take advantage of every moment to be together, even if the getting there can be inconvenient.  After all, no point in being an old "fuddy duddy!" 

This summer has brought many of our family members together, all separate yet happy, spontaneous events that have given me truly one of the best summers ever. 

If you do not have children in your lives, there are ways to contribute and give of yourself. Yes, you can volunteer in your area churches, maybe even get into teaching as a profession. I did some of that while my girls were growing up, and although tiring at the time, it yielded great joy. You could also assist in hospitals, work in a children's store, write a children's book! The possibilities are endless and the rewards are priceless.

Seek beauty in all you do, and when the opportunity arises to be with family and children especially, go for it! It means as much to them as it will for YOU!

Love you guys!!!!

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